Twenty years ago, a traumatic experience launched the author into a search for numerous
answers to life: why things are the way they are, why people act the way the do
, etc. The direction of
research eventually began to focus itself on the earliest chapters of Genesis, as well as parts of
Revelation, in order to find some of these answers. From these portions of Scripture, the author
believes that rationale to many of the world's present conditions could be found. The best way to
decipher how situations are developing in our world today is to look into our past, and see how
everything first came about.

From a collection of interesting thoughts and feelings,
The Rise of Mystery Babylon Volumes I & II
swelled in size; to eventually incorporate a conglomeration of ancient texts, as well as a number of
documents relating to Genesis, and to Revelation.

The author devoted his life to researching and assembling all of these little-known interpretations
of early Biblical scripture. This t
hree-book set has now developed into a powerhouse of information,
on a massive scale
(most probably) not seen previously. Each book is around 500 pages, providing
the reader, in total, with over three
thousand well-documented footnotes. All of these provide validity
for the vast number of arguments contained, herein.

There really could be one essential story to Genesis; even though there's so much missing in the
Biblical narrative - that is,
until now. How this all relates to Revelation, and to our world today, can be
derived from knowing this completed story of our biblical past. These volumes now allow so much of
these bits of obscured information their proper place among the archives of useful information.
Hopefully, these books will give the reader a more
positive foundation in their quest to find true
answers to our world.

The author
is now in the process of publishing all three volumes. He is also looking a way to begin
manner of ministry with all of this knowledge; helping the public to utilize the massive amount of
information obtained here.

Anyone who may want to be of help, or who might have information on potential
individuals interested
in the subjects, is encouraged to contact Brett via email:




Thank you very much.
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