The Modern 'Tower of Babel' (Part 1)
We know (from The Lost 10 Tribes), that God had to scatter some of His sheep: the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel
(Jer. 50:6, 17). And we’ve found that (along with some other areas) they may have eventually traveled to the
north and to the west – i.e. the European Continent. As we have already discovered, there seems to be a
number of references to where lost these tribes went, scattered throughout the Bible:

And he said, It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to
restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my
salvation unto the end of the earth... That thou mayest say to the prisoners, Go forth; to them that are in
darkness, Shew yourselves… Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the
                                                                                              - Isa. 49:6, 9, 12 (KJV)

                …they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall
                                 run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.
                                                                                                         - Amos 8:12 (KJV)

These people did become “prisoners” of their own decisions to follow pagan gods. Because of this choice,
they had to live in a “spiritual famine,” for awhile. Without being spiritually fed, they lost their understanding
who they were, where they really came from, and what their ultimately destiny should have been. They
were truly in darkness, without their former, communal life.
God showed no mercy to them - He had to - because of the sacrilegious acts they were continually throwing
in His face (Hos. 1:10).

We’ve also seen how Jesus seemed to show great interest in these “lost sheep;” and, it seems, took his
locating them as part of his mission, here on earth. He would begin to facilitate the resurgence of these
people – as followers of God again.
Let’s see how.

          …he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation; And not for that nation only, but that also
                 he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.
                                                                                                     - John 11:51-52 (KJV)

Beyond the commonly-held belief that Jesus was sent to the earth to die on the cross for the sins of man-
kind, Jesus may have also been sent to earth for
this reason, as well: to gather God’s remaining “lost
sheep.” Jesus’ life, and atonement, would, apparently, work to reestablish the covenant God had with the
Ten “Lost Tribes” – to bring them back into the Holy “fold!”

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice;
and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. Therefore… I lay down my life…
                                                                                                   - John 10:16-17 (KJV)

It can’t get much clearer than that! One of the roles of the messiah (in the Old Testament) was, interestingly
enough, to reunite the twelve tribes, someday!
There may have been a prophecy of Jesus, in the Old Testament, which went like this:

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light (i.e. Jesus as the messiah): they that dwell in
the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.
                           - Isa. 9:2 (KJV)

Obviously, if Jesus was the ”light” of the world, as the New Testament stated he was, then we see he
would also have had people working on his behalf; looking for these tribes; bringing them back unto the

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias (Isaiah) the prophet, saying… The people which sat
in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.
From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
                                                                                            - Mat. 4:14, 16-17 (KJV)

To accomplish this fulfillment of prophecy, Jesus, then, began to gather disciples to assist him in his
causes.[1] Immediately after beginning his ministry, Jesus walked close to a body of water, and saw a
couple of potential prospects:

                     And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren… for they were fishers.
                      And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
                                                                                          - Mat. 4:18-19 (KJV)

Interestingly enough, we find a prophecy of this in the Old Testament:

But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the
lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers.
Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them…
                                                                                        - Jer. 16:15-16 (KJV)

                      …they, even the house of Israel, are my people, saith the Lord GOD. And ye my
                                        flock, the flock of my pasture, are men…
                                                                                          - Eze. 34:30-31 (KJV)

As one could guess, if the disciples had to go out amongst the Gentiles (which they did) to fulfill Jesus’
task, here, then these “lost sheep” must
not have been in, or even around, the land of Israel at the time –
it’s that’s simple!
Most likely, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for these disciples to know for sure - on an
individual basis - just
who was a part of this lost House of Israel. Sure, there were some identifiable surface
traits; but many of these people interbred over the years; and genetic lines might have been crossed a
number of times.
Regardless, there was probably a good number of “sheep” still out there; and “a good shepherd will know
his flock!” Assuredly, there were a great number of people who, at some time in their lives, would just
feel an “
epiphany,” of sorts: an eventual “realization” that Jesus was their shepherd. There were going to
be people who would "just come" to this realization, whether it be through some inner genetic-predisposition
or otherwise.

After Jesus’ birth, the prophecy of Genesis 3:15 was (as we know) no longer needed. We also know that
Jesus, himself, fulfilled this! As a result, their times were about to change, in a number of ways. Those Old
Testament laws used to keep the Israeli bloodlines pure were no longer needed.
So, many members of the Lost Tribes destined to “come back” into God's fold might not have, over the
years, been of pure Israeli blood; if anything, they would just have that “inkling,” somewhere down inside -
a genetic-predisposition, if you will – to pick up their own cross, and follow Jesus’ example.
In the end, the ways of Jesus would, not only, attract those with genetic remnants of this lost House of
Israel, but
all who wanted to follow his calling in spirit.

                        But as many as received him (Jesus), to them gave he power to become the sons
                                 of God, even to them that believe on his name…
                                                                                            - John 1:12 (KJV)

All of those who listened to Jesus’ disciples, or seemed to called by something “deep down inside,” would
begin to formulate this new modem for reunification with God –

A Major Reason for Christianity?

Now, Jesus’ atonement would allow all the people in Gentile nations (including the Lost House of Israel) to
be “
grafted” into God’s kingdom; if they really wanted to:

And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert graffed in among them,
and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree…
                                                                                            - Rom. 11:17 (KJV)

So, as the Old Testament prophesied, this was to be a task, or function, of the Jewish Messiah.[2] Still,
rabbis and religious leaders of the original House of Judah weren’t very convinced of Jesus’ role, in this
case! They weren't very prone to accept him as Messiah in the future because, among other things, the
Twelve Tribes of Israel weren’t unified, yet… or were they starting to be?
Jesus have been beginning this process already, by sending disciples out to the Gentiles? Could a
major role of Christianity have been this reunification - or “fishing” out - of those in the Gentile world?

So, if the Lost 10 Tribes were intermingled amongst countries such as
Britain, the United States, and other
parts of Europe
, then one could assume that most of these countries had, for the most part, based their
foundations on Christianity, or Christian values (at least, for a period of time). Maybe the unification process
is already underway! Christianity was the
bridge towards returning these peoples back to God; with Jesus
well on his way towards fulfilling this missing requirement of Messiah. It is all finalized when he comes back,
at his second-coming, to cement the process!
This literally sheds a whole new light on Christianity, its role in the world, and all of those countries who
based their cultures and governments on it!

If there is a link, here, then the nations and individuals within (at least a good number of them) who
adopted Christianity might, somewhere down the line, possibly, have a link to the Lost 10 Tribes, as well.

A "Typical" or "Type" Christian?

So, as we’ve already pointed out, if the tribes of Ephraim (i.e. the U.K.?), Manasseh (i.e. the U.S.?), and
other countries in Europe may have been a part of this all, then we also might be able to formulate (at least
somewhat) a “template,” or “type,” of a typical Judeo/Christian individual - how they might think, act, or
even look.
This may give us a possible "protocol" of how a typical Judeo/Christian follower of God might live, carry
themselves; and, even, be viewed by others.

In the not so distant past, one may have been able to typify the average Christian as wanting to think
positively about things; wanting to be happy, polite, and considerate towards their neighbors; attempting to
participate in acts of respect and common courtesy; being cleanly-dressed; having the desire to go to
church; continually preaching the word of God; not wanting to get in any trouble; etc.

Of course,
any person throughout the world might want to adopt these ways. Any non-Christian might
behave the same – that’s not the point. The point is that, when one thinks of a “typical” or “type” of Bible
believing person, they have to visualize
something. This will all become relevant, later.

On top of it, based on what many of the clergy of Christian faiths look, and have looked, like - as well as
what many modern Jewish people look like,
today - one might be able to visualize a typical Judeo/Christian
follower as more of a Caucasian. They, also, might picture them as male (since most of these priests and
preachers were/are male). They might picture them as heterosexual, etc. What we are getting to is this:
many out there may be able to look at a person who looks like, for example, Billy Graham, John Wayne, or
even the typical-looking, proper British gentlemen (of old), and make an assumption that this individual
also be of the Christian faith.
But, really: why look into this, and what does all of this have to do with the “bigger picture,” here - with our
discussion of
Mystery Babylon, and our expose' into the modern “Tower of Babel?” Plenty, as we’ll soon

But, first, we need to discover that much of what we'll discuss in this final section might easily “fly in the
face” of a lot of what we, as a society, have been taught over the years. So much of it might seem contrary
to tradition; even religious assumptions of the past. But, there’s so much that needs to be exposed; so
much that needs to be re-examined, here!
Tradition and ideological assumptions have found themselves so
ingrained in our political, religious, and cultural elements, it becomes hard to escape their
grip, and think
"outside the box."
We also have to remember that: just because a vast number of people might believe something is so, that
make it true; and, just because a lot of people might be united in thought, that still doesn’t make it
As we’ll see, a great deal of our political and religious ideology is soon contracting into a singular playing
field. And, as we’ll also see, it, ultimately, seems to be united
against what would be the true
Judeo/Christian ways of God!

That is another thought to ponder: if so many people of our world are seemingly uniting, collectively,
against one particular theology, doesn’t that tell us something? If so many people are uniting against
the true Judeo/Christian ways of God, today, then there might actually be something to them! After all,
if most of the world is enveloped in the Serpent's paganism, and, if Satan/Sammael represents the “god of
this world,” then why would Sammael and the Serpent ever
need to eliminate anything which doesn’t point
people towards their “ways?” Judeo/Christian values are, and have always been, among the only
ideologies out there actively campaigning against them.

So, in order to understand this last section, we need to utilize what we already have, and combine it with a
great deal of psychology, here; because the adoption of these Serpent “ways” originates in, nowhere else
than, the human
psyche. So, as a result, we’ll often need to go down to the deepest, darkest recesses of
the human brain in order to find more of the answers; and “bring it all together.”
Let's begin.

The Modern "Tower of Babel"

Most human beings, through their very nature, might want other people to believe them to be good and
caring individuals; fair to others; etc. It’s totally understandable. It doesn’t matter what race you might be,
what gender, what sexual-orientation, whatever:
anyone could follow ways that might parallel these ways
of God.
Anyone may want to do what's good, at least in their own eyes – that’s not the argument!
The issue lies with the
other thoughts and ideologies that might accompany this all; those which also might
begin to shape ones decision-making process in a
negative fashion, or away from God. That's when it
becomes an issue. These alternate thoughts and ideologies are what we have to address, now!

For sure, there is a
darker side to human nature. We’ve seen it with people committing horrific crimes;
committing brutal atrocities against other members of the human race. These, of course, might leave
many of us scratching our head; asking
why? But, in the real world, some thoughts can be rationalized
away by the person committing the act - twisting around the details of an account, to either make one feel
good about what they just did; or to feel justified. This happens all the time, in varying degrees.
Because of this, it may become a little murky for one to make a decision of what is, or is not, savory.

There are elements of human nature which, for example, can be associated with a man who feels
for his graduating son or daughter. There is nothing wrong with these feelings, of course; but, we also need
to understand that there's also a
darker side to these feelings pride – going way back to the Garden of

There, definitely, can be thoughts, emotions - even attitudes - which can wreak-havoc on anyone
wanting to understand right and wrong. These sometimes-petty differences in our human nature work to
provide confusion in one’s moral walk; much like how a man’s pride for his son or daughter differs from a
man feeling
pride - in regards to having selfish desires; taking something that doesn't belong to him; etc.

We might also recall that, beyond this emotion of
pride, there are other darkened elements of human nature
utilized at the time of the Garden - known as the “
Evil Inclination.” We also recall that this Evil Inclination
was “divinely-inherited” by Adam and Eve at the Fall - the Serpent being credited for this injection into
the human race. It'll be these elements of human nature that we need to concentrate more on, in this
The modern, secular world seems to be missing these things, as well as other,
elements of our existence, when trying to figure out life. Without them, everything might not make as much
sense as it should! So, let’s take a look at the whole story, here –
with these additions.

Antichrist, as mentioned in the Bible, will be represented in our world by, not only a man, but also by
specific "ways" of thinking and living. These ideological “ways” might even appear similar (or close) to the
ways of God, here, but are not actually
of God, or work to leave Him out of any subsequent argument.

By looking around us, it’s fairly easy to assume what ideological direction we, as a human race, are
heading towards - and it’s
not towards the God of the Bible! We can clearly see a good number of people
have adopted more of a secular, scientific, even anti-religious sentiment, over the years. And, on top of this
all, if anyone
does have a desire to go in some sort or religious direction, we already know that much of
our modern world is deeply-soaked in some sort of
paganism! Seems the Judeo/Christian ways of old
are having a hard time “staying afloat” in today's ideological “sea.” But, of course, this is exactly the only
way Sammael and the Serpent would want it!

truly of the Bible, or of the true Judeo/Christian ways of God, would need to be downplayed,
diluted - even silenced - again, the reason being it’s practically the
only force out there actively trying to
expose these Serpent ideologies for what they
really are, and / or trying to stop them.

We'll see, soon enough, how "misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows:" how various groups/
affiliations will all seem to “come together” under a similar cause - to eliminate the competition.[3] Various
factions within of our society - scientists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, secular humanists, even a number of
priests or religious leaders – will seem to have the desire to
merge in a number of (theological) ways;
interestingly enough, for the same reason people merged back in the days of the Tower of Babel!

The Bible states that, at the “end of days,” many will be
united in such a way that they won’t really desire
anything contrary, or opposing, to the “ways” of the up-and-coming Antichrist. The best thing, for those who
follow this unity movement, is to hope that anyone else - with any different look at ideology - should just
“roll over,” and accept these new ways we’re all heading towards… without question.
Interestingly enough, the "number 1" enemy of the people, back in the days of the original Tower of Babel,
were, of course, the
same ideological group opposing this same “reunification” of peoples, today: those
of the Hebrew God of Genesis!
One ancient source claims that
Eber, the son of Shem (and grandson of Noah), was, most possibly, the
character in ancient times where we get the name
Hebrew; and, also, was among one of the only individuals
of their day actually opposing, and speaking out against the Tower!

Assuredly, attempts to
demean or silence outsiders during these ancient times were probably done in the
same manner as it is, today. After all, Jesus
did say, “… as it was in the days of Noe (Noah)….”[4]
Let's look at what is going on, and how it is being done.

Which "Meek" Shall Inherit The Earth?

There is another interesting prophecy in the Bible; one which might be reflective of our times, today: just
who is the verse, below, referring to – the people of Christ or those of the Antichrist?

                                  …the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves
                                           in the abundance of peace.
                                                                                               - Psa. 37:11 (KJV)

This seems to represent a very important, and on-going, concept for our discussion going forth: many
people probably believe these
meek, here, represent the humble followers of God. We also notice that
meek, here, “shall inherit the earth” and delight in “peace.” Really?

Could there be
another group of “meek” individuals, here, visualizing that they could, rightly, be the ones to
inherit the earth – without
needing to follow these ways of God, their Creator? Could this group believe, in
fact, that it is
they who would be able to delight themselves in an abundance of “peace” - without having to
humble themselves? Could some believe there may be another group of individuals who might want to
accept ideologies
close to God, but not actually of Him; or accept those which actually work to leave God
out of the entire picture?

As we’ll see, there
are two, nearly-parallel ideologies out there; often being looked upon as almost the
same - close, but
different. So, beyond those who humble themselves, and follow God, we’ll need to take a
look at a world of individuals who have become “meek,” or may have been made “meek,” through one
reason or another; and how they believe they could plan on getting “inheritance” and “peace” - all without
God, of course. This
parallel state of "meekness" is a way the Antichrist will work to adopt new members,
as we'll see.
A lot of what’s surrounding this
parallel ideology, sometimes, will appear almost too close to the original
to tell any difference; but, that’s the way the devil likes it: “smoke and mirrors.” The trick of Sammael and
the Serpent is, in this case, to
twist, or adulterate, those easily-identifiable ways God into something slightly
different; and eventually point people in the direction back towards themselves, again.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no
marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers
also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
                                                                                    - II Cor. 11:13-15 (KJV)

In other words, Satan, himself, will masquerade as a being of “light” - a
mimic of Jesus Christ (the true light
of the world). We should not be surprised, then, that these “ways” of the Antichrist might appear "holy," or
look wholesome, on the outside; but, actually, they're
not – that is what the term "antichrist" is all about.
We know this corruption occurred in Judaism; it occurred in Christianity; and paganism goes without saying!
But, this corruption continues on…

We know, in
Those Tares of Christ, that this spirit of antichrist (through Esau/Edom) twisted Judeo/Christian
beliefs, as well as other
conservative schools of thought. Now, we’ll discover that this corruption also occurs
on the
other side of the political spectrum! We’ll now see how the Serpent/Antichrist works on the non-
religious, non-Jewish, non-Christian, and non-conservative ways of the world. The ideologies of this other
side will
also work to bring on the revived “ways” of the Serpent/Antichrist just as quickly.
Of course, the end-all, tell-all, way to identify corruption in someone is by looking at their
works - their
fruits - as the end-results of where their theologies will lead you (Mat. 7:16, 20).

So, in order to proceed to this site’s final conclusion, we must understand another political “cloak” or
“smokescreen” of the Antichrist –
more ways the Serpent could hide his agendas behind, and win over more
of the populous! We need to attack it from all angles:

                                               “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”
                                                                                            - R. Taverner (1539)[5]
On top of it, one, in this state, could easily be spurred into action - to redress these so-called "wrongs:" they
may have a desire to "fight for their rights," to look for some kind of social justice, etc. This gives the liberal,
progressive, and pagan ideologue a golden opportunity to solidify their
own narrative into the situation!
By showing other people this pathway to victimization, they could jump up, and, first, take credit for helping
to “alert” these people to their downtrodden state, and, then, showing them a way
out of it: a pathway to
Again, there are pride-driven,
darker sides of human nature at play, here: first, making a person think that it's
“all about themselves;” then giving them someone
else to blame for their problems; and, ultimately,
convincing them that someone is “looking out for them” – so they’ll adopt these same ideologies.

But, as in life,
nothing comes without a price. What if a person began to adopt these easy-to-follow
perceptions to heart, and continually uses them? It soon becomes harder and harder for the person to show
humility, or to face up to their own responsibilities; even to show any honor or dignity!
It’s definitely harder
not to jump on the “bandwagon of emotion,” and look introspectively, if your pride is
guiding your most every move.

                                   E’er you remark another’s sin, bid your own conscience look within.
                                                                                             - Ben Franklin (1706-1790)[32]

Again, those who take on these Serpent’s “ways” will find this kind of introspection almost unacceptable!
need to continually find a way to raise their own self-esteem; even if it leads them to have to blame
someone else, or bring someone else’s self-esteem down, in the process! This is what, eventually, makes
victimization such a problem – to the individual, and everything else they touch.

To Become "Offended"

Along these same lines, people could easily be taught to become “offended,” or feel “insulted,” a lot, as well!
Anything that didn’t seem to go one’s way, anything that didn’t work out as perfectly as one might have
thought, could easily allow them to feel “offended” by the situation – almost
regardless of the circumstance.

Again, as before, it’s fairly easy for one to sit back and take offence. And, most any story could be
around, in order to make almost anyone in it look mistreated, or abused! An environmentalist, for example,
could feel “offended” by seeing someone driving an air-polluting car. Yet, an oil sheik could gather just as
much “offence” by losing a former customer of theirs - if this same driver got out, and began to walk. It's all
dependant on the perspective.

Technically, most every change of life, most every interaction one faces, could give someone pause to feel
“offended,” in one way or another. You many notice how, today, many people seem to become “offended”
at almost the turn of a dime. It’s beginning to work…

So, along with this
victimization, be “offended” allows one yet another way out of blame and individual
introspection. The two almost go hand in hand. But, in the real world, most of us know we don’t have to let
things annoy or offend us, if we really don’t
want to.

                           A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.
                                                                                         - Miscellaneous Proverb[33]

But, since maintaining this attitude is harder – especially with the individual who likes to utilize their
pride -
it almost seems easier to act as a small child, to cry “foul,” to look for woe, or to seek out sympathy.
Again, we have to ask ourselves: is defaulting to these “ways” of living and dealing with things actually
helping us, as individuals, and our society, in the end? It
does help liberals, progressives, and pagans
drive their ideologies home, however!

Let’s see how these attitudes of victimization, and taking “offence,” have now become so
ingrained in our
modern society, they can be thought of as “institutionalized!”

Fueling This Ideological "Vehicle"

Combining what we already know about how people can be persuaded into adopting these antichrist
“ways,” we also recall how these thoughts and attitudes - promoted by these liberal/progress ideologues -
can be compared to a “vehicle,” of sorts. As we know, this ideological “vehicle” travels to and fro, picking
up "hitch-hikers" whenever it can. But, this “vehicle” does need something to make it
run. It requires some
kind of fueling. What is this ideological “fuel?”

Well, we already know some of the liberal/progressive ploys for indoctrinating people – by trying to make
them feeling guilt, fear, "victimized," and "offended." Where do they go from there? What “fuel” can help
them “run” their agenda(s)?

There is a prominent – yet, often, subtle – element of our society which comprises this “fuel.” It is some-
thing that most of us hear about, and face, every day; even though we might not stop to think twice about
it! Yes, these ideologies are, often, “fueled” by the innocent-sounding pretenses of
political correctness!

Wait. Political correctness is out there for a good reason... isn’t it? It's used to help assure a “level playing
field,” and protect people from the insensitivities of others…
isn’t it?

Yes, on the surface, it seems to be in place to make things "fair,” or “equal;” even to assure civil rights.
There seems to be a huge trend in modern societies towards causing information, opinions, and thoughts
to run through a political “filter,” if you will: a filter which allows only
certain information to flow through,
while restricting others. Held up in this “strainer” of thought would be information that certain “movers and
shakers” might not like, and deem the public really
doesn’t need to know or think about. Interesting.
Doesn’t this sound a little like the beginning of societal control – restrictions shrouded in the cloak of
“good intentions?” Were these unwritten, societal “rules” put in place to benefit people
as a whole, or
could there be
more to political correctness, as well?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make better for society, trying to make things equal, and not
wanting to offend anybody. But, again, we must beware that even
these ideals have been permeated with
a dark underbelly.
The way a motor runs well on quality fuel, political correctness allows this "vehicle" of liberal and
progressive ideologies to run long - and hard!
But, some things we may need to ask ourselves: just
who are behind these “rules” of political correctness,
anyway? Where does it all come from? And, who were the
original “movers and shakers?”

Let’s see some major constituents of this “fuel” we now understand to be political correctness.

Under The Cloak of "Compassion"

The outward showing of “compassion” seems to be a major constituent of this politically correct "fuel."
A person looks like a worthy individual if they can show the world how much they care, or how
compassionate they are. Of course, the concept sounds good; and represents the crux of many liberal,
progressive, and pagan agendas.

On the side of a certain European cereal box, for example, the words are printed: “compassion is the pillar
of world peace.” Is it,
really? Again, it all might begin to make sense, however; because we are beginning
to understand just whose “peace” this quote is probably referring to! There is not mention of God, here; of
course. So, if God was left
out of the entire "mix," here, then it’s not too hard to assume that this “peace”
might be a part of the same, secularized, liberal/progressive “peace” many preach of - that "peace" of

One thing we may need to know about a good number of progressives, liberals, and pagans: many seem to
have a deeper problem understanding the more
uncomfortable aspects of life. Almost no one likes to think
about pain, suffering, and death, of course. Most of us these can, and probably
has, affect us negatively, in
one way or another. But, the difference is that many of these ideologues also seem to have a hard time
accepting them.

Again, it’s perfectly understandable for one to have thoughts, such as these, at least during certain periods.
Death and sadness are not fun topics. But, as we begin to look at our world through
spiritual lenses, we
may discover that a lot of these "uncomfortable" aspects probably had their origins in - of course -
Garden of Eden
! Before the Fall, it seemed there was no death, no disease; nothing really painful to deal
with, or think about. Everything ran like a “well-oiled machine.” The reason is all worked, of course,
was because
God organized it all - and made it function that way! Man didn’t!
So, the negative aspects of our
own existence assuredly were the result of what two human beings did,
with the help of the
Serpent; not God.

Regardless, many people today seem to have a hard time understanding these negative ramifications, and
really brought them on. They get frustrated. They blame God. Of course, anyone "running" on their
emotions (especially
pride) are more likely to fall into the liberal/progressive "playbook" - and certainly
wouldn't want to start blaming the one who helped facilitate these self-absorbed feelings in the first place!

It also might frustrate these people to
why the human race cannot seem to recreate this same kind of
utopia, again; here on earth! Yes, as we could guess, their
pride helps them to question God’s punishment
for sin, as well as why they can’t make the world right, again - via their
own way.

On the other extreme, almost anyone with human blood in their veins
would think it’d be a great idea for
everyone to have a nice place to live, have enough food and water, and have a good way to fulfill their
dreams – that’s not the argument! It’s also fairly easy for these people to think and sound like they possess
a lot of
compassion for other people. Who wouldn’t desire a utopia like this? Really?
With that said and done, we now see why it’s pretty easy why most people might "eat up" all of this
liberal, progressive, and pagan rhetoric!

Kindness, Fairness, Sensitivity, and Equality

As already stated, it’d be wonderful if everyone ends up owning a flat-screen TV; but, logistically and
otherwise, it may not be very easy to accomplish this. It’d be nice to think these things – if we didn’t live in
the real world.

All of this kindness, fairness, sensitivity, and equality - spouted by a good number of liberals and
progressives - sounds good on the surface. It also sounds like how a benevolent God
should be towards
His people. But, we already know
who’s at fault for all the sadness and despair. And, because of this first
sin in the Garden, our human race has to face these repercussions, every day.

If there’s anyone these liberal/progressive ideologues should be mad at, it’s not God - it’s their
ancestors; and, of course, Sammael and the Serpent! Interestingly enough, those who follow those
certain “ways” of liberalism, progressivism, and paganism cannot really
push for the condemnation of these
parties. It wouldn't make sense! In fact, we see that the
opposite is true: paganism actually promotes the
worship of human ancestors, as well the veneration of the Serpent!

Now, along with this promotion of using one's pride, the same also seem to push
humanism as the “new
norm” in society. These are behind one's rationale of thoughts such as: “Is that
fair that one person gets
something and another
doesn’t?” and “Why aren’t we all equal?”

To get a grip on this, we need to ask ourselves: can we dish out
exactly the same thing to every person
every time? Can everyone have everything the same; in every occurrence? A nice dream; but, hardly,
would it be possible - in this world. People
act differently; sometimes because of their own actions;
sometimes not. Some want to excel. Some don’t. Some might want
more to satisfy their needs. Some are
just fine with what they have. These are facts of life.

Secondly, many liberal/progressive ideologues do not want to look to
accept what the Judeo/Christian
God may have set up for this world (as punishment for the Fall). They cannot accept this outcome. They
believe their
human rationale, naturally, is superior - humanism thinking to a tee.
We may not know
why God does things, or why He does or does not like things… but who are we to
question? Our
ancestors were the problem. Human rationale and pride were among the problems; not

In the Garden, interestingly enough, there was a
hierarchy: God chose Adam to be His viceroy. In the
angelic world, there is also said to be a hierarchy. Most armies and corporations of the world
do have
some kind of hierarchy. Hierarchies just seem to work.
It’s hard to make things work when no one’s in charge; in fact, erupting
chaos is more likely the end-result
(when a group doesn’t have any type of structure).
But, with many of these liberal/progressive ideologues, it’s secular
humanism that matters – human
rationale above even ways that prove to work! You can’t have a hierarchy when “everyone’s the same.”

So, if political correctness is the “fuel” of many of these individuals, then compassion, sensitivity, kindness,
equality, fairness, as well as human rights might be considered the “additives” (or constituents) which make
the fuel “flammable.”

We already know that many liberals and progressives work to stimulate the
emotional responses of other
people around them - to get them to run on “high octane.” As
humanistic rationale begins to replace the
Judeo/Christian ways of God, problems will arise; and there’s no telling
where these flawed human
interpretations might take us, over time.

As we see, we really need to…

                                                               “Be just before you are generous.”
                                                                                              - E. Haywood (1745)[34]
                                                      Copyright 2015, Brett T., All Rights Reserved.
      No content of this article or of may be reproduced, duplicated, given away,
              transmitted or resold in any form without prior written permission from the author.

Their Covetous Plot - The "Equality of Outcomes"

What “ways” do those liberal/progressive ideologues in government use to help them cement these
positions of power? It begins with spouting acts of
covetousness! Yes, we recall that when people covet
something, it can be defined as a person going beyond their envy - and taking action.

We now see that
covetousness - "institutionalized" covetousness – is being manifested by the use of the
“entitlement mentality.” Those with this mentality begin to move
beyond their desires, and direct their
thoughts into
action: trying to force other people to give up their riches and resources, and give it to them -
all for the sake of “equality” and “fairness.”

Sure, we all should pay taxes; at least, to some degree. That’s what keeps the government moving, and
the world going around. And, sure, it’d be nice if
everyone had a “piece" of the financial "pie.” But, it’s a
sad fact of this existence that, in the end:

                                                    “…there is always going to be inequality...”
                                                                     - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (8/20/13)[53]

We know that, in the real world, there are going to be people who are willing to work harder than others.
Some value riches and money more than others. Some people don’t have as much drive. Some have
vices, and would rather act on them. Whatever. If the world was perfect, then maybe everyone would put
just as much effort into life as they get out of it, and everyone would be happy.

But, since this is not the case, many liberal/progressive ideologues want to seemingly
make things look
perfect – at least on paper. And, according to them, to “correct” for things in this post-Fall world that many
of them deem unacceptable, they may try to provide a way for people to improve their lives: things could be
better if - of course - the “privileged” few would take in upon themselves to offer help.

Of course, in a perfect world, those with more wealth and resources might volunteer some of what they had
to their needy neighbor - actively working
hard to get themselves “back into the fold.” It all sounds so
wonderful – except that we might forget about the
darker sides to human nature, and one’s pride, which
often do come into play, in these situations.

What if this “needy” neighbor decides they feel more comfortable by just
staying where they are, and not
try to bring themselves "up?" How many of these “needy” individuals would want to pick themselves up
by their boot straps if there is a "gravy-train" waiting? How many people want to be
forced to part with
their money? It’s all human nature – the
darker side. Some people want a hand up; some want a

Again, there is nothing wrong with charity. There is nothing wrong with paying taxes. Naturally, most
people with a conscience would want to give, at least,
some time or resources to help a neighbor in need!
That’s not the problem.
The problem lies when a person, for whatever situation, may become poor; and then gets programmed
into thinking that other people, naturally,
should help them out, or have to – this is pride, and their
entitlement mentality” in action.

The next, natural move for these liberal/progressive ideologues is the preaching of
forced equality (when
it comes to outcomes). In other words:
mandatory charity. Everyone should get the same - regardless of
effort or circumstance! It’s only "fair," or it at least sounds that way to the humanistic mind.

It’s interesting that it was this
same desire for equality that got our world into so much trouble in the first
place - way back in the Garden of Eden! We’re not really the “gods” that pagan religion might (pompously)
assume we should be. We are created, human beings, with plenty of flaws – all fashioned under God’s
It was also the
Serpent who first tried to plant these thoughts of equality in the mind of Eve (and, by
default, Adam). He convinced her to utilize this human rationale in her heart; and defy God:

Upon beholding the beauty of the tree, the woman was carried away by the idea of equality with God, and
passed on to her husband the advice of the serpent… As soon as they reached agreement… the two
found themselves stripped of their divinely-woven raiment. They thus knew… they… were also separated
from the love of God… They were cast out of Paradise because they strove to be equal with God.
                                                                                          - Palaena Historica 4-5[54]

Now, why would God be allowed to have this powerful status alone - the human mind might think? That
doesn’t sound
fair! Eve didn’t ask to be created. Why can’t she also be able to be elevated to that same
position? These are the things the Serpent preached to her; which she accepted!

now, almost anyone who has a little less than their neighbor could be allured into this same precipice
covetousness. These thoughts fit perfectly with anyone who might harbor a lot of envy; who might want
to advance their situation in life
without having to be humble; etc.
This also allows their
pride and self-esteem to be spared; as long as they could find a way to call attention
other people, and their riches, as being a majority of the problem.

To Pit People Against One Another

To add “fuel to the fire,” the average liberal/progressive/pagan might continue their lectures from the
rooftops: saying things like it would be an act of
bigotry for anyone to be objective in these situations, or
disagree with them. The focus is now off the poor, and what might have gotten them into those situations;
and on to those with more - for "payback." Those with more money should, naturally, “just make it happen,”
and not try to cross-examine the
real reasons for society’s ever-expanding poverty level. That isn't sensitive;
that isn't

To many of these ideologues, it’s almost a
sin to point out that there is a financial element in most any
situation – and anyone who “rides on the wings” of emotion often does not want to tolerate anything less
than their short-term, ideological “fixes.” They, often, cannot, and do not, want to look outside of the
emotional elements of a situation.[55]

As one could guess, the term “fiscal responsibility” is just that: a
responsibility; and that word, to a lot of
these ideologues, seems similar to a vampire-slayer raising his cross in the face of Dracula. These
responsibilities, often, are not a part of their ways of looking at the world.

So, then, if a person of greater wealth agrees that they should be charitable in these situations, then great;
if not, then they really need to be
forced to. It’s only “fair.” Forcing people to make “involuntary” donations -
through taxation or otherwise - makes the typical liberal/progressive ideologue believe they can make
their ideological dreams come true (because, of course, their ideologies can’t be wrong)!

So, in the end, charity is understandable. There is nothing wrong with it - but, not when it's
"institutionalized" by these twisted thoughts of envy and covetousness!

                                                   Industry pays debts, despair increases them.
                                                                                    - Ben Franklin (1706-1790)[56]

This is how socialist and communist governments came into existence! A few “movers and shakers”
would entice crowds with possible ways they could improve their situation; and promise them an equal
distribution of wealth. Of course, as we’ve seen with all socialist and communist countries, today, it doesn’t
pan out to be the "utopia" they promised. The people at the top seem just to get a little corrupted – the
“facilitators” seem to get a little too powerful.
Regardless, since the ideology of liberalism/progressivism "can’t be wrong," the same scenario continues
to pop up, again and again, in different parts of the world.

In each new case, in order for their "compassionate" ways to succeed
like they should, these ideologues
would probably need to pit people against other people, to "punish" any of those around who aren’t really
“playing” fairly, or paying "their fair share" - branding them as enemies.

In our real world, we will feel the fruits of our success; not by complaining about those who might have
more (as the Serpent would), and not by trying to bring others
down in the process, but by working hard on
our own individual lives; making sure our own "backyards are clean;" continuing to be a positive-
contributing member of our social compact.

prideful, slothful, and covetous usually bring a society down; not the other way around. Of course:

                                                        It is easier to pull down that to build up.
                                                                                          - Latin Proverb[57]

All of this might be able to shed light on why we hear so much about “fairness” and “equality,” lately, in
our societies!

Even Creating "Hate"

Some “movers and shakers” ascend into political power by “dividing and conquering” – to polarize people
against each other, and then “swoop in” to take control. Naturally, someone
has to take charge during
these times, and level out this tension (which they helped create, of course)! The sad part of it all is, that,
now, there are people out there who are stigmatized
just because of the dollar figure attached to their
name! Now, is
that fair? Now, people are pitted against other people they don’t even know, just for the
sake of envy and covetousness!

          Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have…
                                                                                          - Heb. 13 5 (KJV)

It can't get much clearer than that! One who works for himself; one who is self-sufficient; one who tries to
be a "rugged individualist," doesn’t seem willing to
accept these liberal/progressive takes on the world.
Some people are, naturally, going to have more; which can be a blessing, in some ways. But,
spiritually, it
can also be a
bad thing - for one trying to grow in their walk with God! Regardless, only a worldly
interpretation of this equates the amount of money a person into what kind of person they are.

             “…they utilize their political power to try to redress all these grievances and get even
                with people, and it becomes nothing more than a hate-driven ideology.”
                                                                    - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (12/8/14)[58]

Many liberals and progressives claim to be champions for compassion, peace, and love; but, as we’ll see,
their utilization of the
darker sides of human nature will sometime bubble to the surface. Often, their hate
especially for someone who doesn’t share the same ideology as they do – will show through. Funny, how
many of these people claim they are out to “weed out” hate, bigotry, and inequality - yet hate seems to
from their lips; as they work to stir up anger and resentment in one group of people, against another.

The liberal/progressive view of the world, clearly, is not about “a raising tide raises all boats.” They
dissension and polarization between people; because, if there wasn’t anybody for them to direct, they
wouldn’t be able to enact their “institutionalizations” of envy and covetousness!

                                   It is the part of a good shepherd to shear his flock, not to skin it.
                                                                                     - Latin Proverb[59]

By Repeating It, Over and Over

           “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
                                                                                      - Joseph Goebbels[60]

This quote was from a high-ranking Nazi official, during World-War II. It sure worked back then! People
were almost "hypnotized" into accepting what was told to them, by this constant barrage of ideology via
the media! Now, we see
another tactic that liberal/progressive ideologues use to bring supporters on
board their ideological “vehicle.” Just look around us, and see how many times
these same elements of
liberal/progressive/pagan "recruitment" are brought up to the populous,
over and over!

As well, if government leaders continue to exclaim how people have rights,
without bringing up that they
also have
responsibilities in a matter, then, the thoughts of one’s responsibilities just seem to disappear,
over time. Don't they?

                                                             Man has responsibility, not power.
                                                                           - Native American Proverb (Tuwscarora)[61]

More and more of our society gets bombarded by secular, liberal, progressive, and pagan elements; and
less and less with anything that might point one more in the direction the Judeo/Christian ways of God, or
the Bible.

The "Darker Side" of Government

This system of the “beast” (the Antichrist) is on the rise, today; and is a little more complex than just liberal,
progressive, and pagan ideologies. It’s a little bit of socialism, a little bit of communism, and many other
thoughts and philosophies all rolled into one.
Obviously, this
system needs to do two things, in order to survive:

1) to gather new members (until the majority of the world is ripe for the Antichrist).
2) eliminate any competition/exposure.

Now, when those who adhere to this conglomerate begin to get their foothold into all governments of the
world? Heaven help us.

                                 "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from
                                                     the government and I'm here to help."
                                                                         - Former President Ronald Reagan[62]

Now, why would a former president say something like this about the government? Are governments
that bad? Essentially, the government is there to serve everyone; provided it hadn’t turned corrupt;
provided there remain checks and balances ingrained within. The problem, of course, is that the stronger
a leader becomes, the temptation to become more and more
corrupt also seeps in.
When enough people go along with these same “ways” of antichrist, the governments of our world, then,
becomes a “force,” or a “machine,” if you will: heading their constituents down a pathway which may not
exactly be “of the people!”
Enough of the world's population thinking with the
same liberal, progressive, and pagan ways assuredly
will help expedite the
incarnation of the Antichrist, here, on earth!

On the other side of the coin, to
maintain their power, these “movers and shakers” need to be arrogant
enough to think - and act - condescending towards anyone who
doesn’t exactly want to follow in this same

                          “They’re not interested in a level playing field or any of that. They’re interested
                                      in wiping the playing field, eliminating any opposition.”
                                                                     - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (11/25/13)[63]

And, of course, the true Judeo/Christian ways of God are, for the most part, the only force
now (and
always) standing in their way!

It’s amusing how, only a few decades ago, many liberal/progressive/pagan ideologues stood on their
soapbox and said that
all people should be sensitive to different beliefs and ideologies; and be open to
different voices to be heard. Yet, once
they begin to rise to power - the exact opposite occurs! Their desire
for “openness,” now, seems to be tossed right out the window!
In fact, most would rather opt to
silence almost any belief that sounds different - i.e. those true
Judeo/Christian ideologies! They might even begin to label these beliefs as “extreme,” and their
practitioners as “extremist,” or "problematic." Ironic,

Now... A World Without God!

Now, as we continue to augment our argument with the spiritual side of things, we need to look at one
"after effect" of the human race doing things on
their own:

         They learned from them to abandon the Lord God and go by the individual desires of their will.
                                                                                  - Palaena Historica 16[64]

Ultimately, as most of us know, this heads God to the limelight of societal relevance and importance! As
if this wasn’t bad enough, this serves liberal/progressive ideologues in another way: it becomes another
“way out” of their accountability. If there is no Creator God, then the individual need not be held
accountable by anyone else, or anything! Who is going to judge you? Who is supposed to judge you? If
you don’t believe in God, then
who are you accountable to – other than yourself?

This abandonment of God was, and
is, an age-old problem – even way back in the Old Testament:

                                        …every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
                                                                                         - Judg. 17:6 (KJV)

Now - through the role of government - man is out to
replace God. Why? Of course, because He
represents a "threat" to their existence - the
competition. An interesting interpretation on what direction
people end up heading, after abandoning God:

After abandoning God, they turned to their own will and began carrying out the wishes of the wicked {and}
destructive devil. And there was no memory of God in them.
                                                                                          - Palaena Historica 16[65]

Obviously, it’s Sammael/the Serpent; the
beast; the Antichrist (whatever you call him) - using mankind as
his worldly “puppets” – are out to direct the world’s moral compass, in this way. Interestingly enough, the
number “6” - as in the famous “666” symbol of the beast - is also described to be the number of
Funny how the two seem to be working
in unison, here?

The Government-Made "Utopia"

So, if these ideologues - by the modem of government - can find ways to belittle (even eliminate) any
thought of God in the future, then what’s
next? Now that they’re the only “Creator” in town, where do they
head society under them?

Their next step manifests in the belief that they can create their
own version of the Garden of Eden! Yes,
common thought is: if what they continually preach to the populous is entirely correct, then,
naturally, the
results of all of their “ways”
should be an “utopia,” in the end... shouldn't it? Shouldn't it all become a
man-made “Garden of Eden” on earth? It should
all work out that way, naturally – a least that's what
many of these pompous humanists believe.

This also represents another selling point to recruit new voters:
humanity can, essentially, replace God’s
role as Creator or administrator over the world!
Of course, it all sounds noble to try and make the world a better place. But can we do it – as flawed, human
beings -
on our own?

“…there's no such thing as utopia. Not to say you shouldn't strive for one, but see, you've gotta temper
realistic expectations, and that's tough to do.”
                                                                    - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (12/8/14)[66]

Since we know the world is not
perfect, and there is nothing on this world we can make perfect (at least,
not for long), that proves a good deal of agitation to a number of these liberal/progressive ideologues!
Instead of just accepting they might have made a mistake, or was wrong, many of these will “double-down”
on their original intentions; making things worse for all, in the end. Again, it’s the
darker side of human
nature in play, here.
Many, still, believe the human race is capable of reaching a "utopia" – if everyone will just “do their part.”
This delusion, then, keeps them coming back to the
same drawing board, again and again - all for the
sake of trying to achieve what really
can’t be achieved.

Of course, this may remind many of us of one definition of
insanity: to do something, over and over; with
hopes that,
next time, it’ll turn out different!

Or course, every time this liberal/progressive perfect utopia isn’t achieved, many will "double-down;"
claiming it will work,
next time… if they only had a little more time, or a little more money; or if the right
person was at the helm, making it all happen. Most people won't admit that their ideologies might be
flawed; they can’t – because there’s
too much is riding on it, for it not to work!

The "Ways" of Antichrist - The Divine Signs?

Now, since God is on His ways are almost all on the way out, the antichrist can, subtly, allure people in;
his "ways" - inserting his own secularized, phony versions of "freedom," "peace," "safety," "hope," "love,"
and "unity" into the picture. Don't
these sound familiar?

Freedom, essentially, is the opposite of being controlled; but, we know that liberal/progressive ideologies
will not succeed very well if there’s no
control over others. They need to continually have skin in the game,
in order to cement their ideological agendas in the minds and hearts of individuals. Obviously, their “ways,”
in the end, are not about freedom; but

Also, with freedom comes
responsibility. It can all become a little tricky, because wanting freedom makes
you the one responsible for your own actions. Total freedom to do what you want puts life in your own
hands: you need to take risks; you could fail; you could even get hurt. But, as we know, the "ways" of the
Serpent aren't about that - they would rather have you as the “victims;” have you easily-offended, or
“entitled” to something. They don’t want things entirely
in your hands. So, adopting their ways makes you
a part of their “nanny” state - which means you have to
give up some of your personal freedoms to make
it happen. To have somebody take care of you, you have to give them some control. It’s that simple.

Their "Safety" - Losing Freedoms

                                              “…we have sold our rights away for security…”
                                                                                   - The Glenn Beck Radio Program (2/18/14)[67]

safety seems so important, now-a-days; that’s easy to agree to. Years ago, it seemed to be
common sense – no one had to talk so much about safety, or being safe; people just, more or less,
did it,
or felt concern towards their neighbor.
But, today, there seems to be a
huge push for "safety" in our society. It seems to have been launched into
forefront of societal concern, in the last few decades - a top priority of automotive features; a top priority
in the workplace; as well, a top priority in most physical activities a person attempts to take part in.
As many say: “
safety first!”

Again, there is absolutely nothing
wrong with people wanting to be safe; but we don’t live in a plastic
bubble - at least, we
shouldn’t. Also, many of those who strive to be self-sufficient, or rugged individualists,
feel these desires for
safety go almost beyond saying - it's only common sense. Many of these same
individuals also know you won’t achieve a lot of prosperity if you are
reckless. So, to achieve purpose in
life, and feel the blessings of hard work, safety just becomes an ingrained part of looking at the world.

But, to the others,
especially these pompous, liberal and progressive ideologues, the assumption might
be made that most people really cannot handle their
safety on their own (at least, not without their
assistance)! In other words, these ideologues have another way in: if they can manage the “safety”
elements of our lives!
Of course, much of this, also, sounds good
on the surface; but the more one gives up their personal
freedom for the sake if a “nanny” state, the less free we become; and the more
powerful these
liberal/progressive ideologues become, in the process!

Their False "Peace"

We’ve already seen verses in the Bible which describes that peace which comes through following the
ways of
God; and, we’ve also seen some of those false promises of “peace,” as brought on by the
Many liberals, progressives, and pagans might be out there, as well: promising “peace” and “safety” to
everyone; to bring more people into their fold. In probably one of the scariest verses in the Bible, however,
we have
this verse; describing what it would be like in the end times:

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they
shall say,
Peace and safety: then sudden destruction cometh upon them.
                                                                                             - I Thess. 5:2-3 (KJV)

Sound like today?

This is gold, at least for anyone wondering when the Tribulation of Revelation is approaching. At the
beginning of these “end times,” a lot of people will be demanding “safety” and “peace”… all without the
fingerprints of God, of course. Sound familiar?

Pretty interesting, in the wake of all the “peace” movements we've seen in the last five decades; as well
as those almost-
fanatical calls for safety; even anti-terrorism campaigns! These calls for “peace” and
“safety” are, now, pushed
right into the forefront of everyday life - just as the Bible said they would!

The Bible also informs us that this is
just another tactic that Sammael and the Serpent will use to set up
his own counterfeit, here on earth. As we recall,

And in his estate (the Antichrist) shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the
kingdom: but he shall come in
peaceably.                                               - Dan. 11:21 (KJV)

                         And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand and he
                       shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many.
                                                                                                                 - Dan. 8:25 (KJV)

Their Imperfect "Love"

We know the pagan movement of old spouted their own interpretation of love and unity – all, of course,
without taking record of God!

Can the "hope" and "love" that Semiramis once touted (see
New Religion of the Madonna) fill an empty
soul like it
needs to be filled?

This concept of “love” being able to “banish demons,” or being "all we need,” sounds good; but, as in
everything, it can only go
so far to keep us happy. “Love” might give someone a few good feelings for a
little while - but it is not a “cure-all.” Can our souls just “live-off” love, without, at all, desiring the love that
truly comes from
God, the Creator?

                                                                    “Love cannot drown truth.”
                                  - Charlton Heston (a.k.a. Moses) The Movie "The Ten Commandments" (1956)[68]

Their "Unity" - Control Through Diversity

Another element of liberal, progressive, and pagan politics seems to lie in the use of multiculturalism.
Again, nothing wrong with that – it’s nice to get people together; each to learn from, and harmonize with,
one another. But, the problem
lies with this liberal/progressive theology. As stated earlier, true
Judeo/Christian ways and paganism go together like oil and water – they just can’t be mixed.

So, the problem, today, is the attempt to blend
all of the political and religious elements of our world
together, into some "multicultural" view of things. Yet, we know the goal of many liberal and progressive
ideologues is
not to respect the competition, but eliminate it. When these ideologies are to be mixed,
the Judeo/Christian ways all seem to, either, get
diluted, or down-right politicized into practically nothing!
It’s the only way one of these pompous ideologues would accept it, then!

The Old Testament, as we may recall,
discouraged the ancient Israelites from marrying pagan women; as
Solomon - the wisest man in the world - did. Again, the reason was that the tendency of wives would be to
control over their husbands - and leaven the man's relationship with God! Even Solomon’s mind
became corrupt, because of their invading ideologies - so, we see that, if, even one of the wisest men in
history could be turned against his Creator in this way, then it's probably a good reason why the Israelites
were discouraged from doing this.

Regardless, those with the end-desire to "unify" the whole world might tout how
good this sounds on the
surface; but, the problem, of course, is when people, and their Judeo/Christian beliefs, end up taking the
fatal blow, overall. Many will attempt to "blend" the ways of God into “just another religion;” thus allowing
the rest of the pagan world to overpower it, and reduce it to almost nothingness.
That's when multiculturalism becomes a problem - in the
"arena of ideas." Judeo/Christian beliefs cannot
be successfully
conglomerated together with paganism without ultimately destroying what it truly stands
for. That's just how it is.

"It Can't Be Their Ideology!"

What’s wrong with our world, then? If most of our world's beliefs have pagan elements, and the direction of
our politics and culture are, for the most part, heading in this
liberal/progressive direction, then… why
isn’t everything getting better, if its the
right choice? If their “ways” are indeed correct, then our world,
naturally, should be “evolving” into some better place… right?
As most will say, our world, in fact, seems to be heading in the
opposite direction, at best - more unstable
more chaotic - with even more confusion than ever! Now, which direction might this ultimately be – the
same end-result as when people united in the
original Tower of Babel?

Regardless, when things don’t quite “work out” the way many liberal/progressive ideologues tell the
populous it would, they
still will “circle the wagons” around the ideology. As we know – their ideology is
first; above all, in many of their minds! And, they’ll do whatever they have to, in order to protect it!
Their ideology
is their religion, in a way. It's what their pride and self-esteem hangs on.
It can’t be wrong… or
they’re wrong.

So, to save face, things can’t really
ever seem to be their fault, nor can there be a crack, or permanent
flaw, in it… ever.

Keeps Them Relevant, And In Power

When things don’t work, and there is a definite track record to show that a number of their political “ways”
don’t (just look at any communist country); the only thing they,
next, for them to do is to "double-down" - to
grow and expand their control, until they can find a way to "make it work," this time!

All they have to say, then, is: “We just have to give it a little more
time;” or “We just have to put a little
money into it;” or “We just have to have the right person behind it all;” etc.

The scary part about these thoughts are, for one: many of these ideologues, now, become so
vested in
reaching this outcome that they will devote
whatever resource(s) they can into it, or do whatever they
need to, to make it happen! Soon, too much power will get concentrated in too few individuals; with the
tentacles overreaching into everyone's affairs.
As they say, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

These “administrators” of justice will, eventually, elevate themselves into, more or less, the direction of
a “dictator” - one who will "fix it all."

But, that’s
another “dirty little secret,” in regards to this coming of the Antichrist: the more people who take
on this same mindset, the more they
hope that someone will come along, and finally "fix" things the right
way -
their way!
This is how the Antichrist will come
waltzing in - being accepted by the majority of the populous; all hoping
he will be the right person to make all their dreams come true!

Their Final Destination - The Rebuilt "Tower"

So, in their final attempts to “make it all happen” - to make their ideologies "work" on a grand scale - this
anti-God, ideological “vehicle” of liberalism/progressivism goes into gear, and begins to roll down the
Now, we already have this ideological “vehicle,” and the politically correct “fuel” it runs off of. We
now, have a paved “road” it travels down – the road of “unity.”

Once this ideological “vehicle” travels down this road - picking up the majority of individuals on earth -
where is the final destination?

Their final destination is, of course, putting all of their faith in a
leader – a world leader who’ll finally make it
all “right.” This leader will
cement the implementation of all of this ungodly "hope," "peace," "love," and
"unity" back into the world… the same thing that
Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis all promised to the world
in the days of Noah; back in the original Tower of Babel!

Exposing Their Spiritual "Power-Grab"

But, the question we really need to ask is: what if these “movers and shakers" at the top do go bad? We
are beginning to put
so much trust in government to take care of us, and have control over our lives. By
becoming so “
meek," we’ve practically guaranteed those “at the top” a lock on power over everyone
under them. What if one of the persons at the
very top becomes the Antichrist? What then? What’s next
for our world? And,
how do we topple him?”

                                  …and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast?
                                                 who is able to make war with him?
                                                                                                 - Rev. 13:4 (KJV)

Frighteningly, the stage
is being set; everything pointing towards this same, paralleled unification of the
world as was accomplished many, many years ago - in the original Tower of Babel!
Don't be fooled.

Next, we’ll need to go
even deeper – into, more or less, the heart of the situation; to understand what’s
behind a person’s desire to
accept these ideological changes, as well as some deeper conclusions about
all of the above.

To "Make Everyone Love Us"

Another characteristic of those who may subscribe to these liberal/progressive ideologies is that they,
often, might feel this need to be "loved" by others, somehow.
Many have developed such a pompous,
pride-driven attitude towards these ideologies that they honestly believe everyone else around them
should think the same way as they; and, naturally, want to adopt them too!

It really doesn’t make sense, to many of them, why anyone wouldn’t really want to subscribe to these
"ways" of living. If they didn’t, they, then, must not really be human. After all, what individual with a heart
wouldn’t want to show compassion, equality, and fairness? Many of them go so far as to think that
following these “ways” could, naturally, solve most of the world’s problems – if left in place long enough.

So pompous are some that they even think everyone else around them should just love them for thinking
these particular thoughts; and having these intentions. It really may frustrate them when anything
than these same "compassionate" intentions are presented to them, in argument.

Also, To Be Judged By "Intentions Only"

On top of it, one with these views might even feel that all they need to do was is talk about an issue, and
that should be “good enough.” They really don’t need to
do anything about it, in the end. They did their
part by "caring," and/or bringing it up! They even don’t have to take any steps to
fix the problem – they
just have to “raise awareness” (or bring an issue to the forefront).

The humorous thing, though, regarding this, is that, in our society, these outward “shows of emotion” often
work! The populous, often, seems to give people a “pass,” by just bringing it up! They might only have to
raise the issue, complain, and make it
look like they care; and they get “excused” for not doing anything
about it! It’s funny how this often works.

A liberal/progressive ideologue, for example, might “beat the drums for social change,” and say that
“more money needs to be put into… (whatever cause);” or, that “more taxes need to be raised…” But, in
the end, they are
not the first in line to unload a majority of their wealth to the cause! Because of their
pride, they probably assume that someone
else should, naturally, “step up” here; and take over the reins -
and start paying! They did "their part!"

                                                          It is not enough to aim; you must hit.
                                                                                             - Italian Proverb[35]

Over time, these individuals may even become so self-absorbed that they'll think other people will never
seek out to judge the
results of what they're promoting; they'll just be commended on their own efforts to
talk about it![36] They can talk about it all they want; point out how many
unfair and unequal things they see
in today's world – and also be given credit as a “warrior” for the cause!

Over time, their “dog and pony show” – sounding wholesome – becomes a little bit
repetitive: style without
substance, words without action. It turns into a merry-go-round of broadened statements about fairness,
equality, and justice - along with the assumptions of how
someone else should pick up the reins, and do
the dirty work! It’s a lot easier to shout from the rooftops than to get down in the trenches.

                                                      "Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
                                                                                              - Ghandi[37]

But, sadly enough, these “surface tactics” often work; and work well enough to get other people convinced
their "ways," naturally, seem like the right ones.

The Institutionalization of Envy

Regardless of the results; regardless if anything really ever gets fixed, this same liberal/progressive/pagan
rhetoric dominates the airwaves, and continues to “stir up" the societal "pot.” Those listening to
the “movers and shakers” of our day get stimulated enough to believe all of which is thrown at them.

Next, they could be suggested to do something with these thoughts…

As a result, many might begin to take
the next step in their evolution, and say: “Yeah, maybe what they're
is true. Maybe it is 'all about me'!” Or, “Maybe I do deserve something for anything that ever goes
wrong in my life!” Then, attitudes might begin to creep in, such as: “Where’s
my program?” “Where is my
'40 acres and a mule'?”

After so much badgering on the human psyche by these liberal/progressive/pagan ideologues, something’s
got to give. What might begin to develop inside a person’s mind is something ugly - the “

The “entitlement mentality” stems from one’s self-centered pride. Interestingly enough, it was, once,
honorable for a man to work for his dinner, and to work hard. Now, it’s more like the opposite: a man
doesn’t really
need to do a lot of work when he has this entitlement mentality – he just has to believe he is
the "victim" of someone, or something - somewhere down the road; and then go out, to find someone to
give him some type of retribution.
Years ago, this avenue of thought was looked down upon. But, recently, as we stated, these pride-based,
“all about me” philosophies have come center stage; even being looked on favorably! Now, there is really
no shame in holding your hand out, and looking for ways to capitalize on your "victim" status.

On top of it, these feelings of
entitlement actually form a pathway for one to institutionalize their envy...
really saying it - pushing the Serpent’s envy even further to the forefront of our everyday lives.

Risks, Mistakes, and Failures

There are more “facts of life” that the average liberal/progressive/pagan might not sit well with: overcoming
obstacles, and adversity. Again, this is something that most of us really don’t really like to face
as a whole;
but to these people, it’s another element of our
post-Fall existence that's, quite often, hard for them to relate
to, and
The deeper reason, again, is because of their
pride. If they had a part in attempting to overcome their
"obstacles” and “adversities," and if things don't go quite so right, then it might prove
devastating to
their own self-esteems. If they have to put
some effort in, it would be harder for them to pawn off the
negative results on someone, or something, else.

This normal, competitive nature of human existence is, again, something that many liberals and
progressives might not like; the reason being is that
individual effort is involved; and it’s harder for them to
claim “victim” status, because of it.

Obviously, after the Fall of the Garden, failure, now, is inevitable. Mistakes are going to be made; things
are going to happen; because we, as a human race, no longer live an existence like it was in the Garden.
Although failure might sound a little negative, there could be some
good experiences which come out of it

                                          A man who never made a mistake, never made anything.
                                                                                                - unknown[38]

Failure allows one to get out into the "real world;" to build character, and become stronger. It makes one
"thicker-skinned," and experienced. Those who want to go in the
opposite direction of this, however, and
avoid all of the chances of failure, do not want to take a lot of risks, obviously. It might keep them a little
safety, in their minds; but it may greatly stifle one’s growth and creativity. It also may hurt their
chances of going anywhere in life.
The downside to it all, of course, is that this inordinate amount of "safety" pushes one towards, not being
self-reliant, but needing to depend on
other people - the perfect opportunity for these
liberal/progressive/pagan ideologues to take hold, in their lives!

Also, just because one works hard, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be successful. In one's self-
centered world, however, this "isn't fair." For their efforts, they should at least get
some kind of “payment"
for their services.

So, to ultimately avoid a "ding" to their self-esteems, a number of liberal / progressive / pagan ideologues
will strive for
extreme ways a person could avoid failure - to get them out of any pain, sadness, or
disappointment. But, as logic will tell us, living in a "nanny state" such as this will also work to stop the
individual from wanting to take any risks at all! It hurts them in the long run, because it becomes harder and
harder for one to stand on their own two feet anymore! Soon, their mind and body becomes handicapped,
afraid to get out
without the help of other people:

                                             “…they're not victims. They're victims of themselves.”
                                                                  - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (8/12/14)[39]

Are we starting to sense a
deeper agenda, here, by certain "movers and shakers?" If someone is afraid to
venture out, and failure on their own; then
what's next? They, often, must remain reliant on someone else!
They may need
other people help to keep them afloat - enter the “movers and shakers” of those who
guilt, fear, victimization,” taking “offense,” as well as having an “entitlement mentality.” They
are being turned into ideological “sheep!”

As we’re beginning to see, this all becomes a "dirty trap" for people who begin to desire "the easy way out,"
and begin to follow these worldly shepherds. But, as most of us know, there is nothing
truly for free in this
Regardless, the opportunity for
recruitment continues. New "hitch-hikers" are added every day. By making a
person feel that they cannot “do it alone,” the populous might seek out one of these liberal, progressive,
or pagan “movers and shakers,” or “professionals,” to help them in their daily lives.

Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

Liberals, progressives, and pagans might, occasionally, run into a snag; and feel a need to defend their
selves. They may need to justify
why, somehow, other people around might have actually succeeded
with lives...
alone! If dealing with a number of things in our world might be too "risky," then there has to be
some rationale to why
other people might have been successful. As we know, their pride tells these
"movers and shakers" that their
ideology can’t be wrong; so there must be another explanation to why
things work out the way they do with people.

A person could easily begin to rationalize that those who had become successful probably were just
or they did something
underhanded - you can’t really get rich and successful by pure honesty and talent.
They must have gotten it by some inheritance, or some "ill-gotten" means; maybe even off the backs of
others! All of these rationales fit their ideology of “victimization.”

               “Once there is no personal responsibility, once everything you do is actually something
                                           that happens to you, then you become a victim."
                                                             - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (6/30/2014)[40]

Ultimately, this serves to leave a person without a lot of desire to succeed! After all, if they believe that one's
successes come, for the most part, through something "ill-gotten," then it wouldn't be exactly right to be part
of this ”unethical” behavior. If it’s all inheritance, or luck, then why try at all?
Ultimately, this liberal/progressive theology ends up being a plan of
failure! By claiming they want to "save"
people from failing, or experiencing hurt and shame, they actually create a sense of “helplessness” with
them; hoping they'll desire to revolve around their own "victimization," how they were "offended;" and what
they should be "entitled" to!
It all becomes a dirty trap - again, with arrogant, condescending people (knowingly or
unknowingly) trying to
convince people to stay down, so they can "help them."
Again… ideological “sheep.”

"…there is (a) soft bigotry of low expectations… They look around and they see all the evidence that
they're wrong.  There are success stories all of this country... But yet they don't want to get rid of that victim
status. It's just too comforting, and it explains their failure as being somebody else's fault, not their own."
                                                             - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (8/12/14)[41]

Again, it’s easier for one to stay
down, or low, in this potentially "idle" state - and, of course, have them
blindly follow these liberal/progressive ideologies - than to get out there in the
real world, and see it for
what it
really is.
Interestingly enough, the Bible
never tells anyone that they can’t be rich, or be successful. It also never tells
us that we should, in any way,
punish anyone who is! It just tells us how hard it might be for that rich man
to continue living as a humble, spiritual person!

             “Don’t let anybody convince you that your success is the reason for somebody else’s failure.”
                                                              - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (8/20/13)[42]

Again, this is all part of the "institutionalization" of envy: the
Serpent’s envy.

Themselves - Part of the Real Problem?

In our real world, most of us realize, and accept, we no longer can live in the Garden of Eden. We, as a
do have a responsibility to work together in a social compact – and try to get along. We also know
that everyone should, at least, put forth
some effort in society; and, not only take care of our own, but also
help out our neighbor, whenever possible. We should minimize the “child-like” excuses, or the “cop-outs;”
and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, whenever we can!
If we continue to point ourselves as “
meek,” or maintain a “victim” state of consciousness, we are slowly
destroying our fullest potential - the maximization of what we’re put on earth here to do (as well as
receiving the blessings we might have received because of it)!

we have a role in what happens to us? Shouldn’t we, as individuals, try and act strong enough to
dodge the arrows that life might try to throw at us?

           Fear not a jest. If one throws salt at you, you will not be harmed unless you have sore places.
                                                                                                 - Latin Proverb[43]

Notice that, in the past, there was the term “rights and responsibilities;” Now, the term seems to be only
rights.” Why? What happened to the rest of it? Of course, the reason is pride. It’s easier for one to sit
down, and demand rights for themselves - when its “
all about themselves!”

But, what percentage of what happens to us should be, or
is, our responsibility?

This is, again, another thing that the average liberal, progressive, or pagan might not want to bring up in
the mixed company. When any blame, or responsibility, comes
back to a person, it really doesn’t fit “their
Could there be a point, however, when all of this “nannying” and “sheltering” of an individual might work to
one’s own
detriment? How about the detriment of society? And, what about those who actually speak up,
and say we should be accountable for our own actions?

Any Other Views... Their "Targets"

As stated, it’s a fact of life that people must compete with each other… every day. Sometimes, this
competition is intentional; but, most of the time, it’s just typical, every-day life struggles that we all go
Regardless, we know that, for these liberal/progressive ideologies to work on others, there, most often,
must be "an oppressor" - someone
against them, or an antagonist. They can't just blame themselves.
need people against them, full of hate and insensitivity, to validate their own agendas, arguments;
even failures.

This is where we bring in the “typical” or “type” Christian we’ve talked about earlier. If we recall, we’ve
gave a couple of examples of a “type” Christian – including the likes of Billy Graham, John Wayne, and a
typical British gentlemen. What do these three figures have in common – besides being of the same sex,
and the same, general race?
We also assumed that these three might possess a similar
moral structure to them – they might live and
preach much of the same rhetoric, and follow a similar ethical road.

In the case of
John Wayne, for example, we have someone who’s the epitome of a "rugged individualist."
He is self-reliant, not afraid to tackle problems, and will “take the bull by the horns” whenever he can, and
handle the situation – instead, of course, of playing the “victim.”
He sticks up for himself. He does not moan, or cry. He could easily be thought of as a “man’s man” - one
who would do the work to earn his keep, as well as be willing tip his hat for a lady who had entered the

Many also might assume this man was humble enough to stick to his conservative values; to know the
Ten Commandments; even go to church on Sunday.

Yes, what we are getting to is this: there may be some perceived thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and even
appearances a person like John Wayne might project to others around him - just by being "him;" and we
also know these ways are totally the
opposite of what a lot of liberal, progressive, and pagan ideologues
might be pushing on people!
So, because of this, any “John Wayne” type might, more or less, be turned into a perfect
enemy for those
trying to promote these liberal/progressive “ways” of living!

"And when you become a victim, then you are victimized by somebody. And when you are victimized by
somebody it’s largely going to be a conservative…"
                                                              - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (6/30/2014)[44]

Earlier, we’ve mentioned the books of
Genesis and Revelation are probably the most hated books of the
Bible by the enemy. The reason is because these books tend to "tell it like it is,” and expose Sammael and
the Serpent for what they
have done, and what they are doing, today. This is also why we concentrate on
these books so heavily.
It all makes total sense, if we think about it. If these modern-ideologies have roots in the
Serpent, then,
naturally, a lot of the
enmity between those who follow these “ways” would, naturally, be against anything
truly of the ways of God!
It happened back in the Garden; it still happens today. Science, agnosticism, and secularism would jump
right on the bandwagon, too - assisting these liberal/progressive/pagan causes, maybe, without even
realizing it.

To promote the Serpent “ways” without any confrontation, people may need to
silence anyone from saying
anything contrary to what they believe in. Of course, in the process, it's easy for them to revert to their
same old tricks of "victimization" and feeling "offended;" by proclaiming things such as:

                              “…we outta shut certain people up if they're offending others.”
                                                                       - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (2/5/15)[45]

Nowadays, people begin hate a Judeo/Christian follower of God just because he
is one! Almost
anything that might resemble a “John Wayne” type could be looked upon with scorn and contempt. The
trend is slowly becoming: because you are a Bible-believing, Judeo/Christian citizen, or, if you act anything
like that way, or even if you
look like one of those, you, now, might easily be turned into an “enemy of the
state”… by default:

                                  “The... grievance... is that we exist and that we are nonbelievers.”
                                                                      - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (1/7/15)[46]

The party of tolerance and freedom of expression, suddenly, becomes very judgmental. It's not surprising,
however: the Bible said this kind of persecution would happen in the latter days.

      This know also, that in the last days… all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
                                                                              - II Tim. 3:1, 12 (KJV)

This is also probably why the Bible says that we
will have enemies, no matter how much we do for people,
no matter how hard we try – they will hate us
just because we are of the Judeo/Christian faith, and not
on their same ideological “vehicle.”

They, to cement their "ways," also may begin look for most any way to claim the average Judeo/Christian
"enemy" as corrupted,
somehow; at least as heartless, or without compassion. All who counter the "ways" of
liberal/progressive indoctrination will be focused on - even attacked (ideologically) - as being part of the
"real" problems in our world.

We Just Need an "Expert" to Step in - Like the Government!

So, ultimately, these liberal, progressive, and pagan ideologues will almost have it all: they have their own
pride-induced ideologies, continually affirming to them that they
can’t be wrong! They also have their
"tricks of the trade" (i.e. victimization, becoming offended, the entitlement mentality, etc.) to recruit new
members. Now, they even have people they can turn into the “enemy.” Where would they be able to take
things from

In reality, there is another deep, dark secret to many of these people: it’s what their ultimate goals are -
agendas! As we know, on the outside, most of what they preach sounds wholesome and just. But,
under the surface, there could be a whole lot
more to these innocent desires to provide a "nanny" state.

In fact, as sad as this all might sound, many of these liberal/progressive/pagans might even be counting on
people to not make it very far in life! Why would they? Well, if these “downtrodden” actually made
their lives into something
on their own, this could put a dent in the attempts of these ideologues to work
their “magic.” As disturbing as this might sound, it makes perfect sense. If you have to rely on one of them
to take care of certain elements of your existence, they will continue to have a hand in people's lives. It
keeps their livelihood afloat, keeps them employed, and it keeps them in constant demand! Being
relevant to situations at hand, in this way, also keeps them

It's like the psychologist who never seems to tell their patients
exactly how to solve their current issue; or
the physician who never seems to totally heal a person. It keeps their patients coming back, again and
again. Of course, these practices are done in the best interest of the doctor / psychologist. And now
clergy, politicians, and other “mover and shakers” might also be able to rise to this same level!
They now are all “executors,” “administrators,” or “facilitators” over people’s lives, in some way.

It’s always easier, of course, for someone to put their welfare in the hands of somebody else; rather than
do things alone. But, the negative side to it all is, of course, that - in the end - these “meekened” individuals
often don't better themselves a whole lot. "Nannying" can make the average person docile and
unmotivated - helping to, more or less, assign them into a permanent

This is, obviously,
not what God wants for His people. In fact, He condemns sloth. He wants His people to
be blessed; to “take the bull by the horns” and to do something with their lives –
not to dwell on their woe,
negativity, or victimization.

                                                           Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
                                                                                        - English Proverb[47]

How fitting!

Are we beginning to sense a deeper,
spiritual agenda developing in this all?

We’ve already talked about the corruption of Judaism, Christianity, and conservatism, by the
system - enter the corruption of this other side of the political spectrum – the liberal/progressive arena of
“movers and shakers.” Enter the corruption of those held to the public trust - those elevated to
positions as government officials![48]

Of course, with the "wind" of government on their backs, many liberal/progressive ideologues may even
convince themselves that this "underclass" of people might hurt themselves, if left to their own vices – so
they really
need this type “nannying” for their own good! Pompous ideology to the core!

Enter the
opposite of self-reliance. Enter the opposite of rugged individualism - the opposite of those “John
Wayne” types - with liberal/progressive ideologues at the government "helm;" all the while, continually
telling the populous “they can’t do it alone,” or there's acts of “unfairness” and “injustice” almost every-
where around them, of which the government needs to deal with.[49]
That’s how these ideologues end up cementing their control over people in the end – without any real

Needing The Poor

                                   The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken
                                                     in the devices that they have imagined.
                                                                                              - Psa. 10:2 (KJV)

There seems to be a number of interesting “parallels” in our world. For example, if we don’t exercise
certain bodily muscles, they will weaken, or atrophy. This works the same in
other situations. In regards to
in general: if we don’t give people “exercise” - allow them to engage themselves in life's activities -
we can help create a dependency class out of them; weakening their strength, overall, and making their
sense of self
atrophy. And, just as a muscle which might need a crutch, the spirit of these people might
also end up needing some kind of “crutch” to keep them going!

Probably the most effective way to put a person into the position where they might need a “crutch” is by
watching, waiting, (even hoping) that an individual becomes
poor. One, quickly, can become poor through
the siring of children they can’t afford, through over-taxation, job-loss, etc. And, once a person gets
themselves in a position of
neediness – or “meekness” – then these ideologues in government will have
right where they want them.

Being poor helps the government to keep them subservient, or “in line;” even stirring them to action, if
necessary! As the saying goes:

                                                      Empty vessels make the most sound.
                                                                               - John Lydgate (c. 1370-1451)[50]

Again, this is control by manipulation – those liberals/progressive ideologues undermining people –
opening up the doors for poverty to occur, and allowing the unfortunates to do their own dirty work.

It’s interesting that, many of these liberal/progressive “movers and shakers” claim that they want to end
poverty, but - by following their ideologies - poverty never seems to end! Many of our major cities are now
under democratic (i.e. liberal/progressive) control – but they
still haven’t solved anything, regarding
poverty! In fact, poverty even seems to be getting
worse, in these areas! The only thing these
liberal/progressive municipalities
do seem to accomplish is holding on to a permanent democrat majority in
these areas – who continually
vote for them, and keep them in power![51]

“Especially in terms of percentages, the number of people in poverty is still the same as the day the War
on Poverty began… This is not how you create prosperity. This is not how you teach people to get the
most out of the one life that we all get. These people are told that their one life is best spent voting for
and supporting the Democrat Party. That's their life. And if something gets in the way of that and if the
Democrats lose, then their life is gonna be over.”
                                                                     - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (10/31/14)[52]

Instead of looking to their ideologies as possibly having
fault, these ideologues in government cannot risk
the possibility of a hit to their pride or self-esteem; so they, continually, have to blame
some variable for
their ways, when they're not working. They may claim that more
money needs to be spent on a program;
time needs to be taken to implement it; the right person needs to be at the helm; whatever.
Everything is levied to be increased but

As with the doctor and psychologist who never really seem to heal their patients, there is
too much power
and control riding on those in these current government situations to give up.

They claim they care; but we know them by their
fruits – and they are not solving things while they end up
creating a permanent underclass - “throwing” people a financial “bone” every once in a while. Those
in power end up caring more about
themselves, and their positions of power, than anything!
And why would one think any differently? We know that self-absorbed
pride is their moniker – it’s what,
ultimately, guides them in most every thought and deed!

Watch out for individuals who seem to build their lives on the
weakness of others. How does getting out of
their state of "meekness" help these liberal/progressive ideologues in government? The answer is: it
Sad to say, along with their heavy use of emotion, a person might also begin to default to these darker
thoughts of pride, envy, and covetousness in their everyday decision-making. Let's see how.

Also, To "Bring Down One's Spirit"

First, going even deeper into the human psyche: we also need to discover that, for a change of ideology to
take hold in an individual, they may also need to have some, or all, of their conscious resistance “broken
down” (to one degree, or another). Unless a person is blindly
willing to accept whatever someone throws
at them, a modem of ideological change might have to (often, subtly) work to
disrupt, or “break down,”
one’s conscious resistance, or their
spirit – much like how the Serpent subtly worked to break down Eve’s

We’ll soon see how much of liberal/progressive/pagan ideology might be “cloaked” within seemingly
good causes, or hidden within a number of valid emotional arguments. But, as we’ll also see: there is a lot
more to this all; deep down inside. And there might be resistance, somewhere inside the mind of an
individual, which may need to be
broken down, somewhere down the line; and it will.

We’ve already mentioned those individuals (in the Bible) who were
meek, or were made meek, and
whether or not this group represented those
of God, or those who followed the Antichrist. Now, we will
look at
another group of individuals who are being “broken down” (or made to be meek), and why.

And, we already know something about the
Antichrist: the Antichrist is a person; and it is also a system.
The human Antichrist is truly bad news. He, and his system of thought, will usher in the “latter days” of our
worldly existence – the time of Revelation's Tribulation. Beyond being the leader who will help usher in
these terrible seven years, his
system - this ideological force – works right alongside him, helping
indoctrinate new members; helping it all come about! So, to facilitate the changes in our world that make
it ripe for this Antichrist to take control, certain "ways" and beliefs need to be preached, and unilaterally
Some elements of this Antichrist will seem good, or sound like something “Jesus might say.” These “ways,”
as we know, will often serve to “imitate” Christ, or sound like they might promote something “Christ-like;”
but, in reality, they aren’t really of Christ, or end up heading the follower down some opposing – even
opposite - moral pathway.
This is the same way a
paralegal is near to a lawyer, in many ways. He or she can easily do a lot of the
same things the lawyer can - but they're
not the same! The Antichrist often works in this way - through
appearance and imitation.

If Christianity (as we’ve seen)
does represent the modem for bringing people back into God’s graces,
then the Antichrist would jump on this bandwagon, and try to corrupt it in any way possible. His ideologies
might sound up the same line, but work in
another way.
On top of it, there may be confusion, in a lot of people, to why anyone else may even
oppose these
antichrist "ways" in the first place! After all, they
do sound good. There may even be downright hostility,
resentment, or persecution to any of those who might speak out against what they're thinking!

The world
does seem to be moving towards one modem of thought, as most of us are beginning to see –
absorbing and conglomerating all of the different ideologies into one way of looking at things. If this
means diluting, or leaving out, those thoughts which don't exactly "fit in," then, so be it.

Could we be approaching these “end times,” as prophesied in the Book of Revelation? If so, then, a
majority of people would begin to want to think in much the same way, and be on the same level of unity,
as what happened in the original Tower of Babel!

And, what about the group of “meek” individuals we mentioned earlier?

                                    But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves
                                                in the abundance of peace.
                                                                                                - Psa. 37:11 (KJV)

Could the "breaking down" of one’s spirit be associated with how a vast number of people could be made
meek,” here? Could this be the way they are molded into accepting the man, and system, of antichrist?
And, if so,
what “peace” are we talking about, here; and who will be the one people will think will give them

We’ll see that the end-result of many of these liberal/progressive “ways” will work to promote this state of
meekness in an individual – whether many will want to admit it, or not. People will prey on the emotions of
other people (whether the individual understands it as thus, or not)!
This will be the technique the Antichrist,
and his system, will use to change a lot of hearts.

We’ll also discover what this “peace” goal might actually mean: the phony, Antichrist’s way of “peace.”
Interestingly enough, the Bible says this, in regards to the Antichrist, the man:

                                                            …he shall come in peaceably.
                                                                                     - Dan. 11:21 (KJV)

                                                         …and by peace shall destroy many.
                                                                                     - Dan. 8:25 (KJV)

So, this
must be a very important modem for him. Pretty scary if we think about it.

Soon, we will begin to see how people will become more
pliable – molded into the kind of people the
Antichrist wants them to be – into
his ideological “sheep!” The hearts and minds of individuals have to be
reduced into groups of people who feel
spirit-broken, or feel as though they’re in a general state of
disenchantment, for it all to work.
Let's see some techniques used:

By Guilt-Trips

One way those who might proclaim the ideologies of antichrist (whether they know it or not), to motivate
another person, is by installing
guilt into them. Once a liberal/progressive can cause someone else to feel
guilty of something, they, then, could inject their own “ways” into the mix - the hope being that this guilt will
affect the individual enough to get them emotional; then, stir them into wanting some kind of action. In this
case, their ultimate hope is the “guilty party” will want a chance to redeem themselves - of course, through
the adoption of these antichrist “ways.“

Once you can fill a person with guilt, somewhere, somehow, and show them
your way of “getting out” of it,
then you might be able to achieve a more permanent adoption of your political/ideological beliefs (the next
time they do the same); you might even gain instant supporters!

Guilt can be a very powerful modem for social change. It can work in two ways: to attract supporters to
your own side,
and to stifle opposition! This same injection may work against opposing parties - to make
them feel guilty for doing or saying something, as well!

Since we are not perfect, every person will think, do, or say something they are not proud of; or make a
mistake - something that they might feel guilty about. It’s unavoidable. Instead of holding onto, or even
wallowing in
other ways used to get out of it, God has given us a way out: if we humble ourselves to
Him; ask Him for forgiveness; and have faith that He will; then He should!

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and
turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
                                                                                        - II Chron. 7:14 (KJV)

                           If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to
                                                   cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
                                                                                        - I John 1:9 (KJV)

That is how we solve guilt in our lives. We don't need an intermediary; we don't need any other "ways" - we
need to go straight to Him, in prayer. God does forgive; we just have to be humble enough to want to do it
His way! Just because He is a forgiving God, however, doesn’t mean that we have a license to continue on,
with more of the same - then defaulting to an “I’m sorry God.” We actually
need to have a change of heart,
and not want to continue doing the same. This is all fairly self-explanatory.

So, rest assured, we could be forgiven of our wrongdoings; we just have to
ask, and have to have the right
attitude about the whole thing. Of course, those who don’t want to follow the ways of God will have to find
an alternate way to get out of this “guilt” – enter the “ways” of antichrist.

There is another emotion that certain liberal/progressive ideologues might want to use to get more people
into their fold.

By Installations Of Fear

Another emotion, besides guilt, can be used. These same people could try to install fear into other people;
another way to help advance their political agenda(s).

Some, for example, might be out to plant seeds of
doubt into those around them: to tell them they are about
to be sick; something is about to hurt them; or that something bad is just over the horizon - if, of course,
they don’t do things the way
they recommend! You might be able to escape your fears if you only follow
them, and adopt their ways of thinking and doing things. They may even want to set up a situation where
you really
have to look to them for guidance, for their services, or for their expertise.

Have you ever noticed, nowadays, when there is some local tragedy, there is also, almost assuredly, the
mention of “grief counselors on the scene.” This addition into the narrative almost always seems to be
inserted into the reporting “mix,” nowadays.
Years past, people would handle tragedy, or would be able to grieve, on their own. They didn't need a
"professional" on the scene. It seems that certain "movers and shakers" in society now dictate that grief
counselors should be present in most every tragedy. Again, sounds good on the surface; yet, in other
respects, it almost seems like some are trying to tell us that we may no longer be able to handle grief on
our own. So, now, we need the assistance of a licensed professional! Subtle; but surely it seems
If we keep allowing others to think for us, we may slowly start to sink under their “umbrella” of control and
influence. If certain people
can work to scare others, then it may become easier to get them even further
“under their thumb,” and make it easy to turn them into ideological “sheep.”

                                       If you are afraid of something, you give it power over you.
                                                                                        - Moroccan Proverb[27]

On the other extreme, if we look towards the ways of God, we see that we don’t need to feel fear, or, at
least, we shouldn’t for very long; because it is God who is there by our side! Fear, itself, doesn't even
come from God:

                                 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love,
                                                                    and of a sound mind.
                                                                                       - II Tim. 1:7 (KJV)

For all practical purposes, “fear” is the opposite of “faith.” God wants us to have faith (or trust) in Him -
that He will guide us, and assist us, throughout our lives; not for us to do things on our own. The only kind
of fear God really wants from us involves a great deal of respect (towards Him).

There is still
another emotion, here, one of which we’ve already discussed; an emotion that a person might,
often, fall back on - in times of this guilt and fear. This particular emotion often seems to point people right
back to the Serpent, again, and his “ways” of thinking and looking at things. Let’s see.

Then, Back To "Serpent-Pride"

The emotion of pride, again, could easily come back into the forefront of one’s thoughts - especially when
they experience guilt and fear. Because these two emotions could easily work to lower one’s self-esteem,
a person might, naturally, need to resort to their pride as a way to raise it back up, again! In trying to deal
with these feelings, their pride could easily take over; manifesting itself into one’s attempt to get out of any
liability; to deny guilt or fear; even in a tendency to blame others!

If one’s pride stays in the forefront of most every thought and deed, it will prove devastating to the
individual, and everyone around them, in the long run. When everybody thinks “it's all about them,” it
doesn’t do society a bit of good.
However, to counter these negative side effects of pride, liberals, progressives, and pagans ideologues
might attempt to teach the populous that it is actually
good to revert to these thoughts! After all, according to
them, there’s nothing really wrong with becoming very self-centered, at times. After all, when push comes to
shove, most people end up thinking about their selves… right? And, on top of it, if a lot of people begin to
utilize this darker element to human nature, then people should feel comfortable - "everybody's doing it!"
And, that's
exactly what seems to be going on in society, today!

What better way for the Serpent to insert his own “ways” into the world, here!

God, however, warned us that there would be people out there, trying to do
this very thing – making the
bad seem good, and the good seem bad:

Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they
make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD. They say still
unto them that despise me, The LORD hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that
walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.
                                                                                        - Jer. 23:16-17 (KJV)

Interesting. In the above verses, we see that charlatans might even be able to convince people that they’ll
have some manner of “peace” within themselves - if they only follow these pride-based ideologies!

Obviously, since these “ways” are not the pathway towards finding the peace one finds through God, then
which (or
who’s) “peace” must the verse be referring to?

    The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.
                                                                                        - Psa. 10:4 (KJV)

                        The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way,
                                                      and the froward mouth, do I hate.
                                                                                        - Pro. 8:3 (KJV)

We already know that God told Adam, way back in the Garden, to act in the extreme
opposite ways as
these pride-based "ways" of living! It’s not “all about us.” God wants us to live life with a humble attitude;
with an honorable way of looking at things; showing dignity and respect for others – of course, the
opposite of one who is purely self-centered!

                      A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.
                                                                                        - Pro. 29:23 (KJV)

This is so important.

Also, around the time of the original Tower of Babel, Abraham was, also, not about to go “on the same
bandwagon” as everyone else, here; and adopt the ancient "unity movement." He may have begun to
think something such as the following, when first becoming attuned to God’s ways:

“I have found a God who performs wonders. For behold… I have been taught not to have a high opinion of
myself. Indeed, God does not receive benefactions from humans, rather he is the benefactor.”
                                                                                       - Palaena Historica 38[28]

In the end, we’ll see that these "ways" of the Serpent, ultimately,
do put man, and these darkened elements
of human nature,
above his Creator - they put man’s decisions above God’s commandments; man’s
rationale above God’s “still small voices;” etc. Who’s the real Creator of this world, anyway: God
or man?

On top of it, the
envying and covetousness of Sammael and the Serpent are, now, on their way towards
being put right back into the world’s stage, as we soon shall see. As long as the Serpent was forced to
have low self-esteem (for what he had done to Adam and Eve), he, naturally, would want to bring as many
down with him as he possibly can - lowering their self-esteems as far down as they could go.
As long as they can't make it anywhere else in their miserable existence, they might as well rule over
all of these fallen individuals. As the old adage goes:

                                                                   “Misery loves company."
                                                                                   - John Ray (1627 - 1705)[29]

They're always looking for new members, to drag down to their level!

It must have proved a horrible existence for Sammael and the Serpent – both condemned to an existence
of terribly low esteem - without hope; and without any way to successfully raise it (at least, not for long). But,
this wasn’t the future that God designed for
the human race, however.

Regardless, the more souls they could bring down, into their “fold,” the better they’ll feel, for a while. That’s
probably why many liberals, progressives, and pagans might also – knowingly or
unknowingly – opt to
follow their pride, as well; or even work to bring others
down to the same low feelings of self-esteem they
may be feeling.
It’s a devious trap - brought on by individuals utilizing the
same darkened elements of the “Evil Inclination”
as was given to the human race by, of course, none-other than its benefactor.

Heading Towards This Same "Chaos?"

Also, we’ll see that, going beyond trying to invoke fear into people, many of these same ideologues might
try to convince the populous that there's some kind of
chaos just over the horizon if, of course, they don’t
resort to
their way of thinking and living!

Sound familiar? Ironically, the end result of
chaos might materialize in an individual; not from following the
ways of God, but by living in these opposite extremes! The people of the time of the Tower followed the
ancient version of these liberal, progressive, and pagan ways - and
chaos resulted from it!
The prideful ways of these people, indeed, headed them towards a life of
chaos and confusion! The
original Tower of Babel, as we know, was also known to the Tower of
Confusion. And Cush, its founder,
was also, eventually, known as
Chaos. Why?
It was, of course, because of they decided to follow their
own ways to reach perfection and self-
actualization. God wants us to look to
Him for our salvation; not for us to try and build our own “stairway to
heaven.” Confusion, disappointment, even
chaos, will always result, otherwise.

                                                         “…fear and chaos are not from God.”
                                                                        - The Glen Beck Radio Program (08/02/13)[30]

The Bible even states that:

                                              …God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…
                                                                                              - I Cor. 14:33 (KJV)

Again, God wants us look towards the
real pathway to peace, here.

In reality, this is just one of those “dirty little secrets” of liberal/progressive/pagan ideology: living the
they preach might make us content, or give us a few nice feelings… but it won’t last. It can’t, because
we don’t have perfection in this world. Regardless of what happened in the past, a great number of people
still think humanity can accomplish great things - such as the Tower - if they only have the right
circumstances. So, again, there will be a good number of people around us who will try to
unify, and mold
our society into another version of the “Tower of Babel” – a virtual "Tower of Babel” this time!

Now, understanding one of their agendas, we must ask ourselves: how do these people go about to
achieve this
unification? We already know many might revert to the tactics of inserting fear and guilt into
people; getting them “on board” their own ideological “vehicle.” But, there are
more ways to convert people
to this desired state of “
meekness.” The first being victimization.

The "Victim-Mentality" Precipice

                                                       Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.
                                                                                          - French Proverb[31]

This is one important technique that many liberal/progressive/pagan ideologues might use on people -
often successfully! Not only could they work to install guilt and fear into a person (to make them “meek”),
they could also work to have the person twist their
own perceptions around, and have them feel as if they
were the victim of something, or someone!
This works to make someone feel oppressed, downtrodden¸ or even, in some way, taken advantage of -
whether it be real, or no!

As we’ll see, it’s fairly easy to convince someone that somebody else may have been trying to take
advantage of them in some way; or at least tried to! And, it’s also pretty easy for the one being told this to
start to feel there’s a “stacked deck” against them – it’s human nature!

And, why not? If a problem is someone (or something)
else’s fault, then the “heats off” of the individual for
any blame or accountability! It’s much easier on them, their pride, and their self-esteem, to blame others!
For those who, often, look to their
pride for individual salvation, this takes the whole load off their shoulders.

One could feel “victimized” by most anything: a law; another human being; even something in one's
environment (like the weather). You could be waiting to cross the street, and the driver of a car might take
the liberty to quickly drive right in front of you – you could claim ”victim-status” of that particular driver’s
inconsideration. As you finally begin to cross the street, the green light which gave you the “go-ahead”
suddenly turns red; forcing you to practically run across – you can also claim to be a “victim” of your local
municipality. They should have made the length of the light longer. It all depends on how one looks at
A person could even go so far as to claim they were victimized by
nature, itself! Some people might claim
their very existence could enable them victim-status. A woman, for example, could go as far as to claim her
ability to get pregnant makes her a victim – she is now disadvantaged.
Men can’t get pregnant, so it’s
not "fair.” Then, in order to redress this unfair fact of nature (i.e. God), a woman should be allowed to
receive birth control, at no cost. It can be applied to many situations.

Now, people may be made into feeling
meek, or downtrodden; and - because of someone, or something,
else – it won't have much of an effect on their self-esteem! They didn't do anything wrong. Their pride also
gets spared! And, on top of it, they don’t have to humble themselves, if they don't want. They also don’t have
to look
introspectively, and examine what role they might have had in their victimization – it’s always
else’s fault!
This is made-to-order for the adoption of these Serpent’s “ways.”
This world just can't seem to escape these counterfeit "ways" of so long ago.

Liberal/Progressive Views

To begin our journey, let’s look at this other side of the political spectrum: the opposite of the “right,” or
conservative wing. First, to those who might
sympathize with some of these other views, often considered
liberal and progressive views, it’s perfectly understandable. It only seems logical to question anyone who
believes there might be corruption in finding
freedom for our lives, or trying to help out people. But, as
we’ve already seen with the corruption of Judeo/Christian ideologies, deviant thoughts can even appear
to be for a
good cause - they can show up most anywhere.

Strengthening itself in the last century or so, the people behind these liberal or progressive movements
have been hard at work. For simplicity sake, we can symbolize this entire movement as a “
vehicle” of sorts:
a motorized “vehicle” of change and progression. Just as in any other automobile, this “vehicle” runs, rolls
down a particular roadway, and needs "fuel" to keep it going. Ultimately, this “vehicle” can carry
passengers, as well; in our case - heading them towards a specific
ideological direction.

By picking up "hitch-hikers," if you will, this “vehicle” of liberal/progressive ideology represents a modem
for people to promote certain
ideals to others - hoping the passengers will permanently adopt, and even
promote, these ways, themselves.

While a good number of these ideologies may sound wonderful on the surface - a fight for humanity, human
rights, and improving the human condition, overall - there could be a lot
more to these things! It’s truly
what’s beneath the surface of outward agendas, such as these, that really matter.

First, we must ask ourselves: are those who take on many of these causes, then, intentionally striving to
do evil, or willingly be followers of the Serpent or the Antichrist? Of course not! There are some, of course,
who want to; but most don’t. That doesn’t mean what they adopt won’t
unintentionally take one down this
pathway, however.

And, another thing we might need to remember a number of those who might want to adhere to these ways:
most of these people make up their minds to be liberals and progressives
first; and everything else in their
In other words, these liberal/progressive ideologies, most often, become
prominent in their lives. This is
very important, as we begin to delve into what makes up the average, liberal mind.

"Left" Is Wrong; "Right" Is Right... Right?

Again, are these thoughts wrong, with their surface intent? No; not at all. It’s totally normal for human
rationale to believe that most of these liberal and progressive ideals are to be put in place for the welfare
of an individual. That’s not the concern. The concern is that
human rationale is, most often, being used,
in these cases - replacing most everything of God.
rationalities, as in everything, are imperfect, sometimes self-serving, and often might include the
utilization of some of those
darker elements of human nature we've already discussed! So, what a typical
human being might think is right and pure isn’t
necessarily what God actually does. That’s part of the whole
We recall the definition of humanism:

humanism - the denial of any power or moral value superior to that of humanity;
               the rejection of  religion in favour of a belief in the advancement of
              humanity by its own efforts.
                                                           - Humanism World English Dictionary[6]

Again, these elements of humanity and the human condition often might draw “hitchhikers” into the afore-
mentioned “vehicle” of liberal/progressive ideology. And, again, much of what they preach might, on the
surface, sound good; but there’s probably a great, dark underbelly to a lot of this, as well!

Nowadays, a vast majority of the news media, the entertainment media, of academia – even pop culture -
have taken huge strides towards this political "left;" seemingly, without a lot of resistance. Even a majority of
preachers, or front-runners of Judeo/Christian causes, have, since,
caved to this ideology; and began to
hop on this "vehicle" (at least in some degree)... afraid to take a stand against this ever-expanding
liberal/progressive juggernaut. So, in attempts to “fit in” with societal pressures, many have “given up the
ghost,” and tried to
incorporate or blend these “ways” with those of their own.
Almost all we have left are a few people who openly speak about conservative values, and aren't backing
down. They are (love ‘em or hate ‘em) a few embolden radio and TV personalities - those who have taken
it upon themselves to “play it straight,” or “tell it like it is.” So, a number of quotes from these conservatives
need to be included into our discussion, as well.

Because there are a few who have openly dared to say anything which might disrupt the flow of this
“movement,” the “movers and shakers” of the political left quickly taken on these particular individuals;
labeling them as “enemies of the state.”

why are so many so vehemently in favor of an ideology? Why are these "ways," seemingly, so
important for them, and their survival? Some people actually, in ways,
become their ideology – they “wear it
on their sleeve.” Their lives seem almost dependant on believing in them, fronting them to others, and not
being wrong! We will see why many are “liberals
first;" and whatever else - their sex, creed, race,
nationality, whatever – “

                         “They are not atheists. They are not agnostic. Their religion is simply their
                                    ideology and it trumps everything.”
                                                              - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (7/2/14)[7]

                            "...they have agendas; and these agendas are driven by ideology.”
                                                              - The Mark Levin Radio Program (1/22/15)[8]

We’ll see how these liberal/progressive agendas do, actually, become their “religion,” of sorts. As some
people "wear their Christianity on their sleeve" – the same for these people. They don’t have to be pagan,
necessarily; they don’t have to be "anti-religious" or “anti-God;” they just have to believe in these
above all others! It all then, with voracity, seems to take on a life of its own.

So, let’s begin by pointing out a few similarities between these liberal and progressive ideals and a
religion: the Serpent’s paganism!

Liberal, Progressive, and Pagan Similarities

Again, on the surface, are these liberal/progressive causes bad? Of course not, for what we (most often)
see. Our discussion is concerning this
dark underbelly, however. To provide a few examples, let’s look at
some of the surface-similarities between liberalism/progressivism and the Serpent’s paganism. Even
though association doesn't always mean a connection, it is interesting to see how similar they
really are.

First, we have the typical liberal/progressives stressing their need to be
free to do whatever they want
(as long as, for the most part, they don't hurt anybody else).
Witches' Creed - in paganism - also seems to stress something very similar:

                                                        "Ain't it harm no one, do what ye wilt."
                                                                                        (Buckland, 1993, p. 9)[9]

Next, liberalism/progressivism seems to stress the
equality of individuals - say men and women, for
Paganism seems to follow along these same lines:

                 "We conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity -
                                as masculine and feminine... we value neither above the other."
                                                                                        (Buckland, 1993, p. 9)[10]

Also, liberalism/progressivism seems to, for the most part, stress concern for the environment - to stop
anything which may affect it, negatively.
Paganism, also, seems to take up this same cause.

"We recognize that our intelligence gives a unique responsibility towards our environment... we seek
to live in harmony with nature, in ecological balance, offering fulfillment to life and consciousness with an
evolutionary concept."
                                                        (Buckland, 1993, p. 9)[11]

Again, it all sounds good, in some respects; but, might the quote “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”
come to mind, while reviewing these? We know that paganism, obviously, is not of God. We also know the
Serpent helped to establish this ancient religion. Interestingly, we now see how they
do share ideological
similarities. Could liberalism/progressivism
and paganism, collectively, both serve to help lead one down
one similar,
ideological pathway?

To find out, let’s begin by reviewing a few elements of Sammael and the Serpent – elements the two were
most known for!

Pride - The Serpent's Moniker

We, next, need to recall a major ideological element behind this original sin of the Garden. We know that
Adam and Eve were both disobedient to God - of which
disobedience was, most probably, thought of as
the original sin. But, what are some of the thoughts or emotions
behind this sin?

Sin as understood by the ancients meant “self-centeredness,” and the result is bitterness. Sin is a condition
of the heart, when one puts oneself at the center of the universe.
                                                                                               (Thong, 2009, p. 58)[12]

Excellent description. These inner thoughts of Eve – her desire to
be a god, or be equal to a god – helped
spring her into action. These desires, ultimately, drove her towards lacking any desire to look to God for
almost anything. In this case, it was becoming “all about her,” and her quest for new power and esteem.

            The result is always the opposite of what is sought, and we will taste the bitter fruit of sin.
                                                                                               (Thong, 2009, p. 58-59)[13]

Obviously, we understand the results of this kind of
pride, as used by Eve. We also understood the moral
ideological direction this emotion ultimately sent her. Ultimately, we know how these emotions of
pride had come to the forefront of Eve's mind: via the Serpent, himself!

Interestingly enough, the founder of the satanic church, and satanic Bible, proclaimed the following:

                                                                   “I am my own redeemer.”
                                                                                       - Anton LaVey[14]

Well, at least he had nothing to hide; and was not too far off the mark - at least regarding these ideologies
of Sammael (Satan) and the Serpent! This self-centered
pride abounds in all who wish to follow the ways
of this ”Other Side.” And, as we’re going to see, today, these same
pride thoughts and emotions are coming
back to the forefront of human society – through the modem of liberalism/progressivism.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning… For thou hast said in thine heart, I will
ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God… I will ascend above the heights of the
clouds; I will be like the most High.
                                                - Isa. 14:12-14 (KJV)

Pride - the emotion that Satan, Lucifer, Sammael, as well as the Serpent were known for – will become a
major element of these new, ideological “ways” we are seeing, today. It also seems to be a major element
to why there is so much evil in our society today, as well. These thoughts of pride are the exact opposite of
what God wanted for mankind; as well as the exact opposite of how He wanted the first patriarch (Adam) to
live. Jesus, also, informed us that we should “love thy neighbor as thyself;" not: “the one you should love,
above all neighbors,
is thyself!”

We are not saying to be humble to the point of allowing everyone else around us to walk all over us; but to
have a mutual respect for others, and utilize common courtesy; saying the words “please,” “thank you,” and
“excuse me;” admitting when we’re wrong, and saying “I’m sorry,” etc. - all of this in the spirit of humility.
God also told Adam to show honor and integrity in what he does, in most every thought and deed.

But, for those who lean towards utilizing this emotion of pride will, of course, begin to believe that the "world
revolves around themselves.” On top of this, individuals who follow their pride, sometimes, might even find
it necessary to bring
down the feelings of other people in the process - anything to help them accomplish
the means to
their own ends. These actions occur more common than one might think.

Ultimately, those who utilize these self-serving ways often might wallow in the fact that they are doing things
on their own - free from anything which might remotely represent God, or the ways of God! Some may even
go so far as to “celebrate” being this way! It happened in the Garden; it’s coming back to us again, today.

Low Pride = Low Self-Esteem?

Speaking of human emotion, there is a lot more than one’s pride on the line, here, when people begin to
utilize these "ways" of thinking:

                                       The devil… the prowde spirite… cannot endure to be mocked.
                                                                                                      - Thomas Moore[15]

What this quote simply means is that the devil cannot stand being reproved, or told that he was wrong. He
cannot handle being told anything other than what
he thinks is right, or what he deserves to hear. The
same with people, today: they cannot stand being reproved, to be at fault, or be told they were wrong.
Many also don’t particularly like to have to accept responsibility, or the ramifications of their actions.

The same may also have a difficult time with
introspection - examining the possibilities of their liability in a
matter. Why? The reason many do not want to look inward is because: there is another element to human
nature at play, here:
self-esteem. This is, often, the reason people use a lot of their pride; as we’ll soon

As we may recall, one of the curses God probably gave to the Serpent, after the Fall, was low self-esteem.
He condemned the Serpent to “crawl on his belly” and to “eat dust” – both of which could easily be
construed as
Hebrewisms: ancient Hebrew “figures of speech.” Interestingly enough, these “figures of
speech” both relate to one’s
self-esteem. God wanting the Serpent to feel so low that he “crawls on his
belly,” in a manner of speaking, easily relates to His desire to make the Serpent to always feel low
self-esteem. The same goes for making the Serpent feel as though he’s continually “licking the dust” of
those around him! He was condemned never to fully maintain a good opinion about himself, or feel good
about most anything - at least, not for long! He would continually falter, fail, and feel low about whatever
situation he was in; continually trying to find a way he could to get out of those feelings. Of course, this
would mandate him to always be trying to use his own
pride as a way to raise this squashed self-esteem.

So, we can see that pride, not only represents a feeling one gets when he/she feels “on top of the world,”
it, more often than not, also comes into play when a person feels
low, and needs to find some way to get
them out of it! Of course, there is nothing wrong with being proud of your own son or daughter, but when
your pride becomes
self-absorbed, and, possibly, even works to bring down someone else’s self-esteem in
the process, it
then becomes an problem - to everyone.
Now, let’s look at this Serpent-pride, and how it can become so negative to our modern society.

The "Politics of Envy"

Interestingly enough, there was another emotion present in the Garden of Eden: the Serpent, also, felt
envy towards Adam and Eve! He was envious of Adam’s position as viceroy of the earth, as well as because
he was married to Eve. He wanted Eve for his own. So, what’s so big about a person having a little
now and then? Is it really all that bad?
Envy might sound somewhat trivial; but in the end, it can slowly work to destroy an individual
on the inside:

                             A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.
                                                                                       - Prov. 3:31 (KJV)

Even the Serpent’s presumptive son, Cain, began his life in a similar manner! In fact, one of the meanings
of the name
Cain is “jealousy!” Envy and jealousy are close in meaning; but jealousy actually dictates “a
resentment of a rival or a person who has been more successful than they and is competing with their own
affections for that thing or person.”[16] As an example: God, in the Bible, is known as a “jealous God” -
because He resents people showing affection to
any other rival, such as the Serpent; or resents having to
compete with any other rival for the affection of the people.
Envy dictates:

                             …anger... for something that someone has like status, possessions,
                                           power, or wealth that they don't have…
                                                                       ("What is the Difference Between Jealousy and Envy
                                                                          in the Bible?", Sept. 12, 2014, p. 2)[17]

                                       …joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.
                                                                              - Envy[18]

This also describes the Serpent to a tee – he hated his position under Adam in the Garden; and wanted to
do something about it. So,
envy and jealousy are a little different, with envy being how both the Serpent
and Cain had acted.

The problem with the Serpent, and Cain, originated with
themselves - they didn’t want to do what was
necessary to obtain God’s favor! Simple.
The Serpent began to follow his pride, and was demoted in rank and stature. Cain didn’t have the proper
attitude towards his sacrifice to God; and, as a result, was not accepted by God. Neither deserved the
recognition they could have gotten. And, with Cain, it wasn’t too surprising to see him act in the murderous
way he did, knowing who his father was:

                       For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient… living in malice
                                                 and envy, hateful, and hating one another.
                                                                                                 - Titus 3:3 (KJV)

Interestingly enough, we also know that both the Serpent and Cain even went
beyond these feeling of
envy, here:
they took action! Of course, the uses of pride and envy are among these darker elements of
human nature we discussed earlier. They were behind the reason the Serpent actually took action, and
tempted Eve; they were behind Cain’s decision to attack his own brother, and commit murder.[19] Their sins
went beyond just normal envy: they also
coveted something!
Both wanted something they weren’t supposed to have. And, both ended up going beyond these feelings
of envy: they
Well, what's this sin of coveting, anyhow? And, why is it important to our discussion, as well?

The Covetous

      For the wicked boasteth of his heart's desire, and blesseth the covetous, whom the LORD abhorreth.
                                                                                                - Psa. 10:3 (KJV)

Along with these ancient uses of pride and envy, the Serpent and Cain both participated in another
sacrilege: they
coveted something, or someone.
First, before we proceed, we need to clarify the probable difference between
envying and coveting. If we
really look at things, here, we discover that one could, very well, be an
extension of the other!
Envy represents the thoughts of an individual which do not conceive themselves into anything more; they
just sit there - simmering inside one’s mind. To
covet something, however, most probably involves the
conception of these envious thoughts into action.

covet is associated with an “inordinate desire often for another's possessions;” “going beyond what is
usual, normal, or proper;” a “lack of restraint;” etc.[20] In other words,
coveting could involve a conscious
move to
take something that belongs to someone or something else.

                     And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away…
                                                                                               - Micah 2:2 (KJV)

There is a story in the Bible which mentions a man who probably coveted something: in the Book of
Joshua, we have a member of the Israelites who, after defeating their enemies, wanted to take
something valuable from the people they conquered (Josh. 7:10-26). God did not want anything to be
taken from these captors. He told Joshua that there was someone in their midst who had went beyond
their normal desires, and took something – and that this was going to hurt their progression as a nation,
from then on… if Joshua didn't do anything about it:

                …for they have even taken of the accursed thing, and have also stolen… and
                                          they have put it even among their own stuff.
                                                                                - Josh. 7:11 (KJV)

God, obviously, takes these outward
conceptions seriously. When one moves to action, it, now, becomes
serious. Assuredly, the Israelites may have wanted a lot of what these captors had, but most of them
listened to God, and did not take anything. Joshua had to hunt down the individual who actually took
action, here; and had him stoned to death.

When people decide to let their inner thoughts go
beyond what is usual, or normal, or exhibit a "lack of
constraint" regarding them, their thoughts then
conceive - and the person, then, plots on how to carry out
achieving their desires.
Interestingly enough, some of our modern laws
do seem to parallel the differences between envy and
coveting, here: a woman might hate her husband; and want him dead. She could think of it all she wants;
and it isn’t a crime. When she takes
action to make it happen, however (by plotting the deed, by hiring a
hit-man, etc.), or does it herself,
then it becomes a crime!

As we'll see, it is during these times of plotting and actually taking action when a lot of societal problems
emerge, and manifest themselves:

For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts,
covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness… pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from
within, and defile the man.
                                                                     - Mar. 7:21-23 (KJV)

Many of us might know that this sin of
coveting is even one of the Ten Commandments (in Ex. 20:17) – so
these thoughts must be important, at least in some way!

Some people may
begrudge someone or something else. This involves, more or less, a person not wanting
another person to possess something. To
covet, on the other hand, represents the other side of this whole
spectrum – it is an attempt to take what they had
away![21] We will soon see the importance of all of this,
and how understanding the differences between these will be very important to our discussion!

Sammael and the Serpent both had their time in the sun (before the Garden); but they blew it. They
followed their own pride, and tried to by-pass God; allowing their thoughts to get the better of them!
And, as a last-ditch effort, they both attempted to take
back some of the power and authority that no longer
belonged to them.
The Serpent, as we know, coveted Adam’s role as viceroy in the Garden of Eden, and took action to take it
all back!
But, we must, however:

                                                               First deserve, and then desire.
                                                                                         - English Proverb[22]

Because God knew their hearts, Sammael and the Serpent were not deserving of what they wanted. In fact,
that’s why they had, and have, so much envy towards every living human being out there
still: the human
still has a chance at achieving something that Sammael and the Serpent never can - to be right with
God! Now, they desperately want to bring everyone and everything down to this same "pit" of low self-
esteem they're at - the same feelings of misery and worthlessness they have to feel, and be in. They also
covet the human race, on top of it; trying to take every blessing a person could possibly have – continually
working to sabotage their future.

If we look around, we see that (in the last five or six decades) these same desires for
envy and covetous-
have really "taken-off" in our society - into a “me-only” movement, of sorts. Now, we’ll soon see these
same thoughts and emotions which helped to topple the Garden are coming right
back to us, again – in full
force. Yes...

                                                              “…our society is built on covet.”
                                                                           - The Glenn Beck Radio Program (7/23/13)[23]

Can we easily see this
envy and coveting in our everyday lives? We sure can! To begin, we need to
discover just
how they became so relevant in our society in the first place; and why. We also need to see
how these thoughts/emotions are being facilitated into the minds, and hearts, of individuals today; and
how it spreads.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own
selves, covetous, boasters, proud… unthankful… despisers of those that are good.
                                                                                              - II Tim. 3:1-3 (KJV)

To Be "Running on Emotion"

What gets people in the mood to adopt some of these same thoughts; to end up “hitching a ride” on the
liberal/progressive “vehicle?”

                                    “…it’s the absence of critical thinking that makes it possible.”
                                                                 - The Rush Limbaugh Radio Program (5/13/14)[24]

It often might occur when a person’s emotions, or emotional reactions, begin to dominate their thoughts;
as well as their common sense! It might occur when one’s
feelings begin take over their rationality and
logic. It is during these times when many people seem to abandon what, once, seemed sensible and
reasonable. It is also during these times that one might even begin to leave the stability of normal,
conscious thinking!

A lot of what liberal, progressive, and pagan ideologues push might not require a good deal of critical
thought. In fact, these “ways” could often point an individual into using “quick” or “knee-jerk” reactions -
reactions that might even “spur” a person into some type of action.
Seeing starving people in Africa, for example, might easily help to spur someone into an emotional
reaction, and thoughts about taking some kind of action. It’s completely understandable. There is nothing
wrong with one having these thoughts, and wanting to help people, of course. What doesn’t often come up,
at these times, are why things, such as poverty, never seem to
end in these particular areas.

The reason is because those who often “fly” by their emotions, in this way, really might not want to stop to
think on this "plane" of conscious rationality. The solution to a potential problem often stems from one's
logical, or rational, thinking. And, the reason why some things never seem to change, of course, is, in this
economics: supply and demand! When more and more people are born in a particular area, in
contrast to the available food sources and other resources in the area, then you have
want. When you
have many more people wanting food and resources than what is available, then it all turns into poverty.
When a good deal more people are continually being born into an area than the area can sustain, the
obvious answer is that people should not be breeding at the rate which they are! Simple, logical, and
rational – but not emotional. What some might not like about this answer is that it puts the responsibility
for slowing down poverty into the hands
of the individuals, themselves. It puts the onus on the people to
stop, or slow down, those practices which lead their society to this unbalanced state in the first place (i.e.
unprotected sex).
These real truths could start to sound a little ugly, over time. Thinking with rationality and reason,
sometimes, does work to expose the dark underbellies of a situation. For example, there might be
organizations (such as charities) actually profiting from certain situations; individuals benefiting from a
poverty-situation, somewhere down the line. Sad to say, but that’s the real world.
There are usually illogical reasons to why things such as
poverty continue to exist in specific areas, which
might not be too nice to logically face.
Again, the one element missing in people who enjoy flying on the emotional “carpet-ride” is, of course,
critical thinking – since the person’s mind is almost entirely enveloped in the
image of starving people, for

Again, is there anything wrong with wanting to help out people? Is it necessarily wrong to think in these
sympathetic ways? Of course not - at least not on the surface. But, to solve a situation like this, we
cannot just “feed a man a fish” for a day, without actually trying to
teach the man to fish, and have them
help themselves!
Sadly, many liberal/progressive/pagan ideologues may often seem to have the rational/logical side of
their brains “switched off;” and their creative, emotional sides of their brain elevated into "high-gear."

Regardless, in order for a society to function normally, we
also need to dwell on these thoughts of
rationality, logic, and reason! We’ll collapse as a working order if we don’t contemplate
all angles of a

                                                   "If passion drives, let reason hold the reins."
                                                                              - Ben Franklin (1706-1790)[25]

Another interesting quote regarding those who end-up “flying” on only their emotions:

                               ...for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in hell...
                                                                                            - Eccl. 9:10 (Douay-Rheims Bible)

Again; there's nothing wrong with being emotional. We are human beings. We’re all going to feel them, and
even want to act. But, what we’re getting into is this overwhelming, overbearing, “wave” of emotional
pressure on one’s mind – being utilized without allowing the individual to stop and think what may be the
best route to actually
solve the problem! That's what's becoming a major problem, today!

As we'll see, these "hyper-uses" of emotional thought and feeling are being pushed onto others by many
of those who want to advance these liberal, progressive, and pagan narratives - to quickly gain support
by other people; even stir them into action. It’s a good technique to pick up "hitch-hikers" into this
ideological "vehicle," and convince them to
default to using these same emotional ways of thinking from
then on.
As we see:

                                                               An iron rod bends while it is hot.
                                                                                                - Greek Proverb[26]

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