can open doors of ancient knowledge:
            - What is Mystery, Babylon the Great... (Rev. 17:5)?
                       - What does the "harlot" represent?
        - What are the political & religious systems of Babylon?
           - Who/what are the "Beasts" of the Earth and Sea?
              - What are the Seven "Heads," the Ten "Horns"?
                             - Who/what is the Antichrist?

                           - The Gap Theory of Creation.
           - Pagan gods fashioned out of Genesis characters.
             - The real story of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent.
            - Was Cain the seed of Adam, or someone else?
                   - The "Birds" and "Beasts" of Scripture.
                - The Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and Anakim.
          - Did "Sons of God" mate with "daughters of men"?
            - The Giants, Watchers, and Refaim of the Bible.
            - Were there only eight survivors of Noah's Flood?
                           - What was the "Way of Cain"?
            - Who were the ancient "gods" Cush and Nimrod?
            - Who was Semiramis, the "goddess" of Babylon?
                    - What was so significant about Esau?
                - Who/what are the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel?
                - The modern parallel of the Tower of Babel.
   You now hold the key to the answers!